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Band of Holy Joy @ The Cluny
March 26, 2014, 11:19 am
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Band Of Holy Joy

The Cluny, March 2nd

Despite a frustratingly short set in the middle of an oddly mismatched bill, Band Of Holy Joy totally overwhelmed me tonight. I’d waited twenty-five years to see them play and they still managed to exceed my expectations. Their recent Easy Listening album is the best of the year so far and the songs from it were wonderful – the dignified, measured rage at the heart of There Was A Fall, their forensically scathing account of the death of Ian Tomlinson; their gorgeous cover of Darryl Banks’ timeless Open The Door To Your Heart, which saw singer Johny Brown beseeching and imploring like a North Shields James Brown. The band – four musicians managing to sound like so much more – did justice to the richness and ambition of the songs without ever lapsing into bombast, and clearly a had a blast on their cover of Penetration’s Don’t Dictate (which Brown introduced as having changed his life). And as great it was to finally see Tactless live – one of my very favourite songs – it was during the genuinely astonishing closer A Train Ride To Another Place that my arm hairs prickled, my heart soared and I was reminded all over again that Brown is without question the greatest songwriter the north east has ever produced.

(this didn’t make it into the April edition of Narc magazine so I’m posting it here instead)

Narc March 2014

Quite a busy month for me in Narc, including another cover feature (and what a beautiful cover it is)

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Narc February 2014

Lots of my stuff in Narc this month. I’m pretty pleased with how the Tiger Lillies and Band of Holy Joy features came out

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Albums Of The Year Joint First Place
December 31, 2013, 5:00 pm
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I never thought this would happen but I just couldn’t pick so we have a two-way tie for first.

Satisfyingly, the two albums sharing first place represent perhaps the two extremes of my taste, so there’s a pleasing symmetry.

draw01. Caitlin Rose – The Stand In (Names Records)

Caitlin Rose’s debut album Own Side Now was something of a gem: classic country songwriting with enough ‘indie’ elements for the hipsters, and dominated by Rose’s amazing vocals – powerful without being overwraught, never resorting to warble or melisma. Here, Rose sounds even better, but a bigger budget means things have got fuller  (great organ and brass, even some gospel-tinged backing vocals) without being remotely over-egged. There are covers, a collaboration with Gary Louris, even a loveable crack at Dixie jazz that works a treat. But mostly there is Rose with her solid gold songwriting and breathtaking voice and songs like No One To Call and Golden Boy that show up Shania and Taylor and the rest as shiny, empty clichés. – 5/5, Narc Review


01. Hey Colossus – Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo (MIE)

This album is a fucking BEAST! 10 years after they formed, and  a few months after they absolutely killed it at Supersonic, Hey Colossus are back with album number 8 and have clearly been re-energised by adding Tim ‘Every Great Noisy London Band Ever’ Cedar on drums.  It’s lazy – but fun! – to think of Hey Colossus as simply the bastard spawn of The Butthole Surfers and Killdozer, but as Cuckoo… shows, there’s much more going besides arsequake noise (although there is PLENTY of that). Motorik epic How To Keep Time With Jesus  sounds like Neu! down a K hole, Pit & Hope like a mutant Mogwai and Neanderthal opener Hot Grave is the very best kind of filthy riff nonsense. – 5/5, Narc Review



Album Of The Year #3
December 31, 2013, 4:00 pm
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03. Bill Callahan – Dream River (Drag City)

2013-12-30 12.23.26

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but sometimes Bill Callahan’s albums slip past me. I barely remember listening to his last one Apocalypse. It’s not even like he’s as prolific as he used to be. But when I make time and really burrow into his albums, I generally get a bit obsessed about them. Dream River is no different. His lushest yet – flutes and strings and keyboards, flirting with a kind of jazzy sophistication that makes me nervous, in case a Steely Dan phase is in the offing, but really sounding warm and woody like early 70s Van Morrison. And Callahan’s voice is richer and deeper than ever. Then there’s the lyrics, some of the very best he’s ever written. Summer Painter reads like a short story. It IS a short story.

I painted names on boats for a summer
For luck, you keep the same first letter
You don’t want, you don’t want, you don’t want bad luck at sea
Rich Man’s Folly and Poor Man’s Dream
I painted these while beavers built dams all around me
And come September, come Fall
Holding a job was not believable behavior at all, so I split
But like a beaver is a dam builder, you never really quit
I made some dough and I socked it away
I always said for a rainy day
I never truly knew who I was working for anyway
The rich or the poor?
Who am I working for?
The rich or the poor?

When the hurricane hit
Some found it suspicious that I’d just since left the frame
Like all that time spent down by the water
Had somehow given me control over the rain
And some people say wrongly that I’ve wash things away
Guess I got my rainy day

Like a sorcerer’s cape!
The rain ripped the lips
Off the mouth of the bay
And rendered the eye
And sleighted the hand
And tricked the land
And blew the air away
Then came a quiet
No one should know

Rich Man’s Folly and Poor Man’s Dream
I’m painting these while beavers build dams all around me



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