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It’s Competition Time
November 30, 2011, 5:07 pm
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Yes, popkids, it’s the annual Speakers Push Air competition. Each December I post my Albums Of The Year chart (it’s a Top 25 this year- ironically because there’s too much good stuff to do a top 30 that doesn’t hurt my brain). It starts next week on Wednesday December 7th.

All you have to do is guess what album will be number one. One guess each, and whoever gets closest wins a disc full of the very best music of the year and whatever other mixes and stuff that will fit. Last year Pete Hart guessed the actual number one (Buried Behind The Barn by Slim Cessna’s Auto Club), but I think this year is going to be harder. Mainly because I don’t even know what it is myself yet. I’ll be posting a tune a day up to NYE.

Message me your guess via Twitter or Facebook or the comments box right here.

Need your entries by December 7th

Bring it on.

For reference, here’s last year’s top 25 rundown:


1              Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Buried Behind The Barn

2              Four Tet – There Is Love In You

3              Swans – My Father Will Guide Us

4              Los Campesinos – Romance Is Boring

5              Caitlin Rose – Own Side Now

6              Mogwai – Special Moves

7              Grinderman 2

8              Drive By Truckers – The Big To Do

9              Phosphorescent – Here’s To Taking It Easy

10           Forest Swords – Dagger Paths

11           Frontier Ruckus – Nightmalls & Dead Falls

12           Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers – Agridustrial

13           Living Sisters – Love To Live

14           CW Stoneking – Jungle Blues

15           LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening

16           Warpaint – The Fool

17           These New Puritans – Hidden

18           Zola Jesus – Stridulum 2

19           Sleigh Bells – Treats

20           Demdike Stare – Liberation Through Hearing

21           Charlie Parr & The Black Twig Pickers – Glory In The Meeting House

22           Salem–  King Night

23           Sun City Girls – Funeral Mariachi

24           Bill Callahan – Rough Travel For A Rare Thing

25           Dan Sartain Lives

Keep Saturdays Weird Volume 1
October 29, 2011, 7:37 am
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A little way through the latest volume of my Tune Of the Day Run, I decided to make Saturday the day I posted tunes that were perhaps a little less palatable than usual (see here for the full explanation). I thought it might also be “fun” (if this kind of thing is your idea of fun) to stick them into a mix at the end of each volume, so the noiseniks, gorehounds and freaks could fill their boots with such stuff.

Here’s the first one – arranged in some sort of sequence, but they weren’t posted with a mix in mind so it’s not exactly seamless stuff. But it is dark, fun, noisy and weird.

Keep Saturdays Weird Volume 1

00.00 Popol Vuh – Death Of A Bandit (Cobra Verde OST) (Best Of Popol Vuh)
02.15 The Hare & The Moon – Barbara Allen (self-titled album)
07.15 Mount Vernon Arts Lab – Hobgoblins – Coil Mix (Seance At Hobs Lane)
13.45 Pussy Galore – Dick Johnson (Dial M For Motherfucker)
15.15 Einsturzende Neubaten – Yu Gung – Adrian Sherwood Mix (single)
22.30 1000 Homo DJs – Supernaut (single)
29.00 DHS – House Of God – Surgeon Mix (single)
36.45 Boredoms – Boriginal (Super Roots 7)
56.45 Cobalt – Eater Of Birds (Eater Of Birds)
66.45 Panacea – Tron RMX (Low Profile Darkness)

So that’s wyrd folk, krautrock, breakcore, doom metal, industrial, techno, psych freakout, dirty garage punk and more. That’s lovely for you.

(the pic for this and all subsequent Keep Saturdays Weird mixes have been nicked from Geoffrey Hudson collection of found Halloween pics on Facebook. Hope he doesn’t mind).

And remember, if you want in on the Tune Of The Day action, go to these links:
Twitter (general account)
Twitter (Tune Of The Day mix-posting account only)

The Dark Art Of The Tune Of The Day
October 13, 2011, 11:09 am
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I was just asked about the actual mechanics of the Tune Of The Day (up to Volume 7, tune 81 now). Here’s a picture of me doing it:

or you could do it the simple way:

1) spend about £5 a month on a hosting site (i use Mediafire, but it’s where myself and Jared host all our mixes and such so it’s a bargain)
2) choose and upload a tune (the tricky bit, IMO 😉 )
3) once it’s uploaded, you’ll get a long and clunky URL for it (which also takes up useful characters in your Twitter or Facebook post) so use bit.ly to rename it something concise and coherent (TOTDX.XX, for example)
4) Post it where you want – Twitter, Facebook etc – with some text. I use Hootsuite to post to my Facebook and two Twitter accounts simultaneously)
5) erm.. that’s it.

Hootsuite is also useful for scheduling posts in advance – when I went away for a couple of weeks in the summer I painstakingly uploaded and scheduled 14 Tunes Of The Day to post at 9am each morning. It did strike me that if I died in a hideous car crash (or from liver failure, let’s face it) in the early part of the trip, people would still be getting Tunes From Beyond The Grave, which is cool / morbid.

So, yeh. Here’s one link, here’s another link, now form a Tune Of The Day.

If you want to get mine, I suggest following either @real_dubversion (which is my regular twitter feed) or @StaggerTunes where I only post Tunes or Mixes

Keep Saturdays Weird
August 6, 2011, 12:41 pm
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It occurs to me that what gets posted in my Tune Of The Day selections is a pretty censored version of my listening habits. Check out the listing of tunes in Volume 7 here – not much that would frighten the horses: a bit of jazz, some ‘ardkore, but nothing too outré. That’s cool – there’s a broad catchment area for the tunes, and I’d rather be evangelical about stuff people will like than post a load of noise. And I do listen to lots and lots of soul, country, gospel, reggae and indie etc etc etc. But I also listen to Skull Defekts, Ben Frost and The Advisory Circle, and I tend to leave that stuff out.

But there’s room for that too, so from now on, Saturday is going to be the day I post something a little more noisy, or experimental, or unpleasant, or fucking stupid. From ambient drone to hardcore punk to industrial noise. You might like it, but if not don’t worry, Sunday will usually see a new gospel tune or something. And I’m starting with a doozy 😉

Also, always happy to get requests, suggestions and comments.

And The Tunes Keep Comin’
July 29, 2011, 11:48 am
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Earlier this week we wrapped up Volume 6 of the ongoing Tune Of The Day thing I do on Twitter and Facebook. 100 tunes over roughly 3 months, literally thousands of downloads.

I reckon it includes techno, dub, bashment, gospel, country, punk, indiepop, roots reggae, jazz, blues, ‘ardkore, yeh yeh, latin, holy minimalism, rockabilly, house, metal, folk, calypso, ska, soul, bhangra, psychobilly, garage, girl pop, funk, dancehall, hip hop, electro, mash-ups, krautrock, surf, garage, chaphop, plunderphonics, jungle, mariachi, house, industrial, dub poetry, bluegrass, pop. And Van Halen..

If you want to get the Tune Of The Day plus various mixes and the like, you could follow @StaggerTunes on twitter – all the music, none of the blather.

The full list runs as follows:

2 Bad Mice – Bombscare

23 Skidoo – Fuck You GI

Africa Hi Tech – Out In The Streets

African Headcharge – What A Wonderful Day

Aggrolites – Thunder Fist

Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells – The Copper Top

Alabama 3 – Mondays Don’t Mean Anything To Me

April March – Chick Habit

April Stevens – Teach Me Tiger

Area Code 615 – Stone Fox Chase

Arvo Part – Cantus In Memoriam Benjamin Britten

Beastie Boys Ft Santigold – Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win

Benji Hughes – I Went With Some Friends To See The Flaming Lips

Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys – Power Of The 45

Bill Wells Trio – Presentation Piece #1

Billy Lee Riley – Flyin’ Saucers Rock’N’Roll

Black Box Recorder – England Made Me

Black Widow – Come To The Sabbat

Bob Dylan – All The Tired Horses

Bobbie Gentry – Casket Vignette

Bocca Juniors – Raise (Tackhead Mix)

Calexico – Guns Of Brixton

Cat Power – Cross Bones Style

Charlie Binger – Jamaica Is The Place To Be

Chasing Voices – Acidbathory

Checkmates Ltd – Proud Mary

Cornershop – 6am Jullander Shere

Cornershop – Topknot

Cramps – Bikini Girls With Machine Guns

Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer

Dennis Brown – Song My Mother Used To Sing

Dr John – How Come My Dog Don’t Bark?

Egg Hunt – Me & You

Eternals – Queen of the Minstrels

Fall – Fiery Jack

Fatima Mansions – Shiny Happy People

Five Blind Boys Of Alabama – Father, I Stretch My Hands To Thee

Flames – Zion

Flaming Lips – Bad Days

Francoise Hardy – Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles

Funeral For A Friend – I Shall Not Be Moved

Galaxie 500 – 4th Of July

George Clinton – Atomic Dog

George Jones – Take The Devil Out Of Me

Go Betweens – Bye Bye Pride

Go! Team – Ladyflash

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – Scorpio

Hank Snow – I’ve Been Everywhere

Hot Rocket Trio – Love Cats

Hurray For The Riff Raff – Take Me

Jackson 5 – Darling Dear

Jay Tees – Forward To Jah

Joe South – Hush

Johnny Osbourne – Gangster Sound

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Flavor

Jonathan Richman – Gail Loves Me

Kleptones – Closer To The Boxer

Kling Klang – Heavydale

Lee O’Daniel – Dirty Hangover Blues

Linton Kwesi Johnson – Sonny’s Lettah

Little Roy – Sliver

LL Cool J – Going Back To Cali

Los Straitjackets Ft El Vez – Rey Criollo

Love – Seven & Seven Is

Low – Laser Beam

Mahalia Jackson – Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho

Malcolm McLaren – Double Dutch

Ministry – Jesus Built My Hotrod

Mink DeVille – Spanish Stroll

Momus – Three Wars

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer – Chap Hop History

Mungo’s HiFi – Rasta Meditation

Negativland – U2

Orbital – The Girl With The Sun In Her Head

Originals – The Whip

OV Wright – Everbody Knows (The River Song)

Peaches – Fuck The Pain Away

Prince Jazzbo – School

Quincy – Bruce Lee MC

Ram John Holder – Brixton Blues

Rev Utah Farris & Lonnie Farris – I Got Two Wings

Reverend Horton Heat – There Ain’t No Saguaro In Texas

Rod Taylor – Ethiopian Kings

Sabres Of Paradise – Smokebelch II (David Holmes Mix)

Sabres Of Paradise – Wilmot

Sam Cooke & The Soul Stirrers – One More River

Serge Gainsbourg – Cargo Cult

Sister Goldie Haynes – The Truth In The Gospel

Southern Tenant Folk Union – Here In The Dock

Specials – Stupid Marriage

Sun Ra – Sleeping Beauty

Surgeon – Transparent Radiation

Sweet Inspirations – Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday

Twilight Singers – Hyperballad

Van Halen – Hot For Teacher

Waireeka Hill – One People (Version)

Walkabouts – Loom Of The Land

Warpaint – Undertow

Wynona Carr – Touch & Go

X Ray Spex – Germ Free Adolescents

How Many Tunes Make Volume Five?
April 10, 2011, 10:00 am
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So I do this thing, Tune Of The Day.

Every day I post a link to a tune on Facebook and on Twitter*, with a brief comment. I’ve been doing it since November 2009 and I’ve only missed a few (mainly when I was out on a roadtrip round the south west last summer). It’s up to nearly 500 tunes now, and looking back it’s quite a list. Tunes get picked for all sorts of reasons, compelling or otherwise. Might be the death of a musician or the birthday of a friend; a tune I’d just heard or an old favourite that just came to mind.

And all in all, literally tens of thousands of downloads have resulted, which makes me happy (not in an egotistical way, but because my slightly over-evangelical approach to music is getting some great songs to people who might not have heard them otherwise).

I try and remember to post a religion-themed tune on Sundays – be it gospel or reggae or country, although sometimes it might be anti-theist. And every year I finish up with tracks from my top albums of the year.

So anyway, I’ve just come to the end of Volume 5 and thought I’d list the tunes out for my own curiosity – here it is:

  1. Adem  – To Cure A Weakling Chile / Boy Girl Song
  2. African  Headcharge – Somebody Touch I
  3. Alabama 3 – Love Will Tear Us Apart
  4. Amanda Palmer – Map Of Tasmania
  5. Aretha Franklin – How I Got Over
  6. Asher Senator – Asher In Court
  7. Balam Acab – Big Boy
  8. Barracudas – Summer Fun
  9. Baxter Dury – Oscar Brown
  10. Betty Davis – Love Song
  11. Big Youth – Mosiah Garvey (extended)
  12. Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl
  13. Bobbie Gentry – Hushabye Mountain
  14. Butthole Surfers – Pepper
  15. Cannonball Jane – Hey! Hey! Alright!
  16. Chain & The Gang – Music’s Not For Everyone
  17. Clarence Williams – Old Time Religion
  18. Cornell Campbell & The Eternals – Why Do Birds Follow Spring?
  19. Cornershop – Motion The 11
  20. Creatures – Right Now
  21. Dan Sartain – Besame Mucho
  22. David Soul – Silver Lady
  23. Ding Dong – Badman Forward, Badman Pull Up!
  24. Diplo Vs Cutty Ranks Vs Black Flag – Dutty Six Pack
  25. DJ Rupture ft Sister Nancy – Little More Oil
  26. Dolly Parton – Don’t Drop Out
  27. Dub Narcotic Sound System – Run Silent, Run Deep
  28. El Vez – Lust For Christ
  29. Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Jordan – Stone Cold Dead In The Market
  30. Elvis Presley – Run On
  31. Errors – A Rumour In Africa
  32. Evan Dando & Juliana Hatfield – My Drug Buddy (acoustic)
  33. Fall – Lost In Music
  34. Faust – It’s A Rainy Day Sunshine Girl
  35. Fight Like Apes – Captain A-Bomb
  36. Flaming Lips – If I Only Had A Brain
  37. Florida – Hacker (The Underground Years)
  38. Frankie Ford – Roberta
  39. Fugs – Nothing
  40. Gene Clarke – Strength of Strings
  41. George Jones & Tammy Wynette – God’s Gonna Getcha For That
  42. Goblin – Suspiria
  43. Grinderman – Evil (Factory Floor Remix)
  44. Gustav Temple & The Blades – Puddings & Pies
  45. Harold Jackson & The Jackson Brothers – The Freedom Riders
  46. Hoagy Carmichael – Lazy River
  47. Honkeyfinger – Running On Empty (Weatherall Vox Mix)
  48. Husker Du – Sorry Somehow
  49. Iron & Wine – Walking Far From Home
  50. Jackie Mittoo – Rocksteady Wedding
  51. Jah Division – Transmission Dub
  52. Jeffrey Lewis – Systematic Death
  53. Jessica Lea Mayfield – Our Hearts Are Wrong
  54. Johnny Clarke – Declaration Of Rights
  55. Judee Sill – Jesus Was A Crossmaker
  56. Keith Poppin – Hold Not Thy peace
  57. Killing Joke – Love Like Blood
  58. KLF ft Tammy Wynette – Justified & Ancient
  59. Loo & Placido – Kids Rock
  60. Lotus Eaters – The First Picture Of You
  61. Louis Jordan – What’s The Use Of Getting Sober?
  62. Low – Something’s Turning Over
  63. Low – Transmission
  64. Lykke Li – Get Some
  65. Mae West – Shakin’ All Over
  66. Marvin Pontiac – Small Car
  67. Matta Vs Pablo Gad – When I Was A Yout
  68. Merry Clayton – Gimme Shelter
  69. Millie & Jackie – Ooh Ooh
  70. Mississippi John Hurt – Stack O Lee Blues
  71. Mississippi Sheikhs – Sitting On Top Of The World
  72. Nai Bonet – Jelly Belly
  73. Nicolette – Beautiful Day (Island Mix)
  74. Nomeansno – Everyday I Start to Ooze
  75. Parting Gifts – Sleepy City
  76. Penny & The Quarters – You & Me
  77. Pop Will Eat Itself – Can U Dig It?
  78. Prince Jammy – Riots In The Streets
  79. Randy Newman – Short People
  80. Redskins – Keep On Keepin’ On
  81. Robyn – Dancing On My Own (Jakwob Club Mix)
  82. Robyn Hitchcock – Airscape
  83. Roy Orbison – It’s Over
  84. Ruthless Rap Assassins – Justice (Just Us)
  85. Screaming Jay Hawkins – Heart Attack & Vine
  86. Shirley & Lee – Let The Good Times Roll
  87. Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – A Smashing Indictment Of Character
  88. Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee – Down By The Riverside
  89. Sparklehorse – Cow
  90. Staple Singers – Slippery People (12”)
  91. Tallis Scholars – Spem In Alium
  92. Tippa Irie – It’s Good To Have The Feeling You’re The Best
  93. Tom Waits – Blue Valentines
  94. Townes Van Zandt – Kathleen
  95. U Roy & Francois Kevorkian – Rootsman
  96. Violent Femmes – Jesus Walking On The Water
  97. Wendell Austin – LSD
  98. West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Suppose They Give A War
  99. XTC – The Mayor Of Simpleton
  100. ZZ Top – La Grange

And while I’m at it, the Penny & The Quarters song You & Me is easily the most downloaded from this list (which I’m so glad about because it’s probably the loveliest thing I’ve heard in years), but I remembered that I’d blogged about it too, so that’ll skew the figures. In which case, it’s Cornershop‘s gorgeous little disco-reggae tune Motion The 11 taking the lead (with a 3-way tie for last between The Fugs, The Redskins and Chain & The Gang, which shows a distaste for polemic or something). I *think* the most downloaded track of all is the Nick Cave cover of Pulp‘s Disco 2000 but it’s complicated (there’s no doubt about the least popular though, with Tragic Roundabout really not striking a chord).

Right then, onto to the next 100…

* If you don’t use facebook or twitter but are curious about the Tune of The Day, my twitter feed appears on the top left of the blog so you can usually find it there unless I’ve been twatting a lot that day.