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Albums Of The Year #6
December 31, 2013, 1:00 pm
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06. Future Of The Left – How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident (Prescription)

2013-12-30 12.23.03

(another signed copy, biatches)

All the best reviews tend to start with a grandiose statement, a gauntlet thrown down. So how about “Future Of The Left are the best guitar band in Britain and the best Welsh band ever”?

Somebody once asked me to describe what Future Of The Left sounded like and, being drunk, the best I could manage was ‘a cross between Shellac and Half Man Half Biscuit’ and I’m not sure that’s so far off the mark. Their new, brilliant, crowd-funded fourth album How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident is full of songs that are exactly that: taut, precise, bass-heavy hardcore tracks married to some of the most splenetic, witty and brilliantly furious lyrics I’ve ever heard. They’ve been a powerful, blistering four piece for the last couple of albums, with Julia Ruzicka’s bass a highlight ever since, achieving that perfect Bob Weston low end rumble. But of course, Future Of The Left aren’t content with being just a top notch hardcore band  (although they definitely are that). As ever, the album is packed full of odd touches and curious tangents: the sweet harmonies of I Don’t Know What You Ketamine, the almost Mogwai-esque ballad French Lessons, the newsreader delivery of state of the nation address Singing On The Bonesaws, which is the centrepiece of the album – 5 minutes of loathing, sarcasm and scathing wit delivered in Falkous’ best RP diction. Kicking off with swipes at the music industry (a regular FOTL target), it takes in celebrity paedophiles, Daniel Day Lewis and Kim Kardashian being chased by an angry bear. Half Man Half Biscuit have recorded some similar list-songs in the past, but whereas Nigel Blackwell tends towards petty frustrations and irksome minutiae, Falkous sounds like he’s ready to lay waste to the fucking lot and start over. And of course, Half Man Half Biscuit don’t rock this hard.

 Joe Orton once said “cleanse my heart – give me the ability to rage correctly”. I have no idea about the condition of Falkous’ heart, but by God his rage is perfect. 5/5 – Narc Magazine


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