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Albums Of The Year: Unfortunate Omissions
December 30, 2013, 10:37 am
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Course, you start working on your end of year list before the end of the year and you miss stuff and if you’re an OCD motherfucker like me this bothers you unduly. So you have to have a post like this which mentions four records that you’ve grown to love in the last few weeks and would have been in your chart somewhere if you’d noticed them before.

Oddly, they do overlap to some extent, in that each is sparse and flinty and acoustic to some extent. They are:

Robbie Fulks – Gone Away Backward (Bloodshot Records)


If you only know Fulks for shitkicking country like She Took A Lot Of Pills & Died this album is a revelation – acoustic, small band bluegrass with genuinely remarkable songwriting.

Cian Nugent & The Cosmos – Born With The Caul (No Quarter Records)


A gorgeous, slow blend of Fahey guitar and expansive backing. Imagine a folky Tortoise or something.

Charlie Parr – Barnswallow (Tin Angel Records)


We discuss our mutual love for a fellow Duluth musician, Charlie Parr, who Low have worked with in the past. “Charlie Parr really is one of the few people who can do it, he really is in that music… It’s not a study, not a nostalgia thing or to add weight to something. When we recorded with Charlie it was effortless, it was just us sat in a circle playing the tunes. I feel like a lot of my checks and balances are dictated by how I view him and his integrity and what it means to make music.” – my interview with Alan Sparhawk from Low, Narc

Phil Tyler – We Sunk The Ship To Get Rid Of The Rats (Tor Press)


A limited CDr release from local hero Phil Tyler (without his wife and regular collaborator Cath) that’s almost entirely solo banjo, with a smattering of acoustic guitar and vocals. Sparse, live, like being in the back room of the Cumberland Arms as he plays.

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