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Narc October 2013 – Reviews / Interviews

A busy month for me in October’s issue of Narc Magazine with a feature on this month’s Tusk Festival, interviews with Neil Rudd of Eat Lights Become Lights and Phil Begg of Midnight Doctors (and Hapsburg Braganza), a live review of Wire and Xaviers, the singles and album reviews of Tim Hecker, Pelican and Future Of The Left.











Narc Stuff April to September 2013

I realised I haven’t posted any of my Narc pieces for ages, since March in fact. Don’t have a scanner, too much hassle to dig out the original copy for six months, so have some crappy photos!! If you click on them, they get bigger. There’s a couple of months missing I’ll add those later. Dates refer to the issue..

Hey Colossus (April 13)

Hey Colossus – Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo (April 2013)

Wire piece (September 13)

Wire interview (September 13)

Wire pic (September 13)

Jesu (September 2013)

Jesu album (September 2013)

Moon Duo (September 2013)

Moon Duo live review (September 2013)

Mudhoney (June 2013)

Mudhoney interview (June 2013)

Mudhoney (June 2013 pic)

These New Puritans (July 2013)

These New Puritans album (July 2013)

Tunng (July 2013)

Tunng album (July 2013)

Thee Spivs (July 13)

Thee Spivs album (July 13)

Marc Mulcahy (July 2013)

Marc Mulcahy album (July 2013)

Half Memory (May 2013)

Half Memory (May 2013)

Bo Ningen (June 2013)

Bo Ningen live (June 2013)

The Specials (June 2013)

The Specials live (June 2013)

Handsome Family (May 13 pt 1)

Handsome Family interview (May 13)

Handsome Family (May 13 pt 2)

Demos (May 13)

Demos (May 13)

Kid Congo Powers (May 13)

Kid Congo Powers album (May 13)

Savages (May 13)

Savages album (May 13)

Bob Log III (May 13)

Bob Log III live (May 13)

White Hills (May 13)

White Hills live (May 13)

Witch Hands (Narc CD Piece, April 13)

Witch Hands (Narc CD Piece, April 13)

Year Of Birds (Narc CD Piece, April 13)

Year Of Birds (Narc CD Piece, April 13)

Bob Log III (April 13, pt 1)

Bob Log III (April 13, pt 2)

Bob Log III interview (April 13,)

Flaming Lips (april 2013)

Flaming Lips album (april 2013)

Mudhoney (april 2013)

Mudhoney album (april 2013)