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Narc Singles – February 2013
February 7, 2013, 11:31 am
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They let me review the singles in Narc again. Will they never learn?

“his feet are cold, his piles are playing up and the last thing Lee Fisher needs is more indie folk flummery. But here it is anyway…”


A song of snowy days and marital tragedy sees Bridie Jackson & The Arbour at their haunting, wrenching best, Bridie finding new bluesy shades to her voice and the often acapella arrangements and mournful violin really adding to the utter desolation of the song. Stirring stuff. Keeping it local, bEAK are on grand form on Night Owls, which sounds like a tarted up Why Can’t I Be You? by The Cure, while Get Your Beak On is just fucking stupid, in all the right ways. Rivals’ new single Wax isn’t exactly reinventing punk rock but it’s urgent and bratty and the riff gets under your skin.

Snakadaktal are ‘big in Australia’ and now they’re trying to bother us. But judging by their Air / Dance Bear single (equal parts Coldplay stadium indie plod and insipid Frazier Chorus whimpering) I hope they don’t stick around long enough to get homesick. The Correspondents are a London-based swing/hip-hop duo. If that doesn’t make you puke, the fact that Well Measured Vice sounds like an electro-swing Curiosity Killed The Cat will. Utter balls. They’ll be everywhere at Glastonbury  – slip into your nearest K hole rather than endure them. Tooms are a fucked up blend of digital hardcore, doom metal and D&B  and Disgraceland is a blisteringly crunchy single, all hardcore assault and scary monster vocals. Wonderful.


How a Brussels-born African ends up making Associates / Japan-style icy synthpop is beyond me, but that’s what Petite Noir is up to on Disappear and it’s impressive stuff.  Also tapping into 80s synth pop but adding a dash of Vangelis’ proggy soundtrack vibe are Apollo Gets The Girl, who’s single Kitten survives the band name to marry edgy rhythms and sparkling melodic touches to quite lovely effect. Eliza & The Bear (Upon The North / The Southern Wild) simply remind us how out of control this creeping Mumfordism thing is, more ‘rousing’ indie folk flummery with one eye on the pyramid stage and the other on that crucial Boden demographic. Finally, Shrag are the best indie band for years and now they’ve split up and it’s your fault because you were too busy buying fucking Mumfords records and you’ll hear the indie pop AWESOMENESS of On The Spines Of Old Cathedrals with its brilliant lyrics and cheeky New Order ripoffs and you’ll punch yourself in your stupid face for being so utterly WRONG. I hope.


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