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Speakers Push Air Albums Of The Year Number 04
January 1, 2013, 10:44 am
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04 Shrag – Canines (Fortuna POP!)


I have a fairly complicated relationship with ‘indie pop’ – most of it nauseates me, sets my teeth on edge, makes me angry. I learned in 2012 of a soi disant ‘indiepop community’ – can you imagine a more sexless, joyless, anaemic thing? I quite liked, I dunno, The Popguns, The Shop Assistants, Talulah Gosh. But that was 25 years ago, more even. There’s really no need for that sort of nonsense any more, at least not unless you’re going to do something AMAZING with the formula.

Thank fuck for Shrag then. Like Los Campesinos!, they’re pretty much indie pop but they’re smart, literate, funny, ambitious and complex. Take the first track on Canines (which is, I think, my most played album of 2012): that intro is more Crass than The Flatmates. Shrag have a way with the shoutalong chorus that makes me grin (something else they share with Los Campesinos!, come to think of it). There’s often a real edge to their lyrics too – not a shrug of mimsy resignation but a roar of  anger. There’s not a duff track on Canines, which is rare enough these days, and some – Chasing Consummations, Devastating Bones, On The Spines Of Old Cathedrals, the title track  – are just brilliant. It makes me laugh that they share a label with my indiepop bêtes noires Allo Darlin’ who represent everything that boils my piss about the aforementioned indie pop community.

Just fucking marvellous, frankly.

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[…] Shrag have split up and I’m gutted. Yet to hear the reasons, I’m sure they all make sense, just frustrating when you come across a band (very late, it must be said) and then they vanish. Ah well, they were mint, especially last album Canines (see review). […]

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