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Speakers Push Air Albums Of The Year Number 02
January 1, 2013, 11:05 am
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02. The Singing Adams – Moves (Records Records Records)


In any other year, The Singing Adams might have made it to Album of The Year for the second year running. But you’ll see…

This is what I wrote a bit ago. Narc wordcounts mean I didn’t get to mention the Freebird tribute:

“At just 33 minutes of all killer, no filler excellence, the second album from The Singing Adams leaves you wanting more. Moves is stuffed with fresh and inventive songs that have a scrappy charm whilst actually being smart and intricate and beautifully put together. There are hints of country rock, a touch of Pulp, even some Beta Band on the title track. Steven Adams is still probably the best songwriter in the UK, applying caustic wit and sharp insight to the minutiae of relationships – blame, disappointment, guilt, the usual – while the band has a knack for taking a simple chorus and repeating it until it lodges in your brain. Moves is a late contender for any right thinking album of the year chart


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