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Words About Music – A Top Of The Head Selection
January 27, 2013, 12:55 pm
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“If as a teenager you feel music this powerfully, it is very difficult to grow up and grow out of it. You are in fact likely to spend the rest of your life searching for similar experiences, even at ages when other life experiences should have suggested that there is a kind of immaturity in feeling so strongly about what is, after all, merely music, which is merely a form of guesswork about consciousness.”      Words & Music, Paul Morley




















“A man sits in a car on a tree-lined street, watching a fourteen-year-old girl walking home from school, hopelessly in love with her. I’ve almost come to blows with friends because of my insistence that much of Van Morrison’s early work had an obsessively reiterated theme of pedophilia, but here is something that at once may be taken as that and something far beyond it. He loves her. Because of that, he is helpless. Shaking. Paralyzed. Maddened. Hopeless. Nature mocks him. As only nature can mock nature. Or is love natural in the first place? No Matter. By the end of the song he has entered a kind of hallucinatory ecstasy; the music aches and yearns as it rolls on out. This is one supreme pain, that of being imprisoned a spectator. And perhaps no so very far from “T.B. Sheets,” except that it must be far more romantically easy to sit and watch someone you love die than to watch them in the bloom of youth and health and know that you can never, ever have them, can never speak to them.”                                                                                                        Lester Bangs on Astral Weeks

Account Suspended
January 27, 2013, 12:30 pm
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The kindly folks at Mediafire have suspended our account for copyright infringement. This will affect all the mixes hosted for this site, Randy & Earl’s Old Record Club, Hickeysonic and Clockwatcher.

Please bear with us while we work on a solution, and if there’s a particular mix you crave, contact us and we’ll see what we can do.


i am sitting in a room
January 25, 2013, 9:37 am
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even more amazing the second time round, 10 years later. Probably because I’ve heard more of the music he’s talking about, but also because music writing this ALIVE is even rarer these days, I think

January 4, 2013, 3:35 pm
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We’ve hit 50,000 views. Not the most precise barometer of interest but it works for me.

Adios, Shrag Band
January 3, 2013, 8:02 am
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Shrag have split up and I’m gutted. Yet to hear the reasons, I’m sure they all make sense, just frustrating when you come across a band (very late, it must be said) and then they vanish. Ah well, they were mint, especially last album Canines (see review).


Here’s my recent Narc live review:

“On a night when everyone flocked to see various local indie heroes, a more select, smarter – dare I say it, sexier? – crowd gathered to see Brighton’s Shrag… (They) are the first indie band since Los Campesinos! to really catch my attention, and in some ways they’re similar – whipsmart, literate, ambitious, complex. Live, they’re rawer, more scrappy, but not at the expense of their songs. In a set heavy on tunes from this year’s astonishing Canines album, the Brighton quintet don’t let the small audience bring them down and power through a set stuffed with brilliance. Frontwoman Helen is a ball of nervy energy, fluttering around the stage, curling into a ball, dancing off the front of the stage, her lyrics full of resentment and lust. Most indiepop bands would kill for one song as good as Show Us Your Canines or On The Spines Of Old Cathedrals. Shrag have a whole set of them. If they come back to Newcastle, you owe it yourself and them to show up.”

If only.

Final List Of 2012 – Listening
January 1, 2013, 6:25 pm
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According to Last FM, these are my most listened to artists in 2012:

1 Play
2 Play
The Singing Adams
3 Play
Future of the Left
5 Play
Pye Corner Audio
6 Play
Munly & the Lee Lewis Harlots
7 Play
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club
8 Play
The Flaming Lips
9 Play
10 Play
The Pine Hill Haints

And my most listened to tracks:

The Singing Adams – London Trocadero
Loved track
The Singing Adams – You Drew A Line
The Singing Adams – No Rock Song
Loved track
The Singing Adams – Good Luck
Emmy The Great – Paper Forest (In The Afterglow of Rapture)
Micah P. Hinson – Don’st you (part 1&2)
Loved track
First Aid Kit – Emmylou
Loved track
The Singing Adams – Dead End
The Blackstone Valley Sinners – Saturday Satan Sunday Saint
Loved track
Santigold – Disparate Youth

So there you go. No more lists..

2012 In Gigs
January 1, 2013, 1:07 pm
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this won’t be everyone I saw this year – my memory sucks more and more, plus some bands were so shit I’ve deleted them mentally. But it’s a fair crack at a comprehensive list. Most of this gigs were due to Narc Magazine / kyeo.tv, so I love them.

Afghan Whigs
Alabama 3

P1000541Archers Of Loaf
Attila Csihar
Balam Acab
Black Twig Pickers

2012-04-24 22.11.23

Blanck Mass
Bob Log III

Bob Stork & The Heaton Playboys
Body / Head
Bridie Jackson & The Arbour

Burning Condors
Carlton Melton
Chris & Cosey
Cornshed Sisters
Death In Vegas
Demdike Stare

Dirty Three
Dr John & The Lower 911
Drunk In Hell
Dylan Carlson
Errol Linton
Fever Fever
Field Music
Floating Palaces ft. Howe Gelb, Robyn Hitchcock, KT Tunstall, Eliza & Martin Carthy
Forest Swords

Future Islands
Future Of The Left
Giant Giant Sand
Guitar Wolf
Hey Colossus!
Hype Williams
Icarus Line
Imelda May
JK Flesh
Josh Rouse
Kilcawley Family
Killing Jokes
Larkin Poe
Lash Frenzy
Laura Viers

Legendary Shack Shakers
Less Than Jake
Lisa Hannigan
Long Lonesome Go
Lord Rochester
Los Campesinos!

Lydia Loveless
Lyndsey Tin
Make Up
Mama Roisin
Maximum Zeros
Meschiya Lake & The Little Big Horns

Misty’s Big Adventure
Modified Toy Orchestra

Moshi Moshi
Necro Deathmort
Nervous Twitch
New Order
New Town Kings
NHK’ Koyxen
Night Owls
Nurse With Wound

One Night Stand In North Dakota
Our Imaginary Friends
Pain Jerk
Pete Molinari
Pine Hill Haints

Pye Corner Audio
Richard Dawson

Richard Hawley
Rob Heron & The Teapad Orchestra
Serious Sam Barrett
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
Shonen Knife
Six Organs Of Admittance

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club
Slim Chance
Sylvester Anfang
Thee Spivs
Tim Hecker
Treetop Flyers
Unit Ama
Warm Digits

Water Tower Bucket Boys
Witch Hands
Wolves In The Throne Room
Women In Revolt


Who says nobody ever comes to Newcastle?

That Year End Chart In Full
January 1, 2013, 11:27 am
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01. Swans – The Seer (Young God)
02. The Singing Adams – Moves (Records Records Records)
03. Future Of The Left – The Plot Against Common Sense (Xtra Mile)
04. Shrag – Canines  (Fortuna POP!)
05. Pye Corner Audio – Sleep Games (Ghost Box)
06. Jessica Bailiff – At The Down-Turned Jagged Rim Of The Sky (Kranky)
07. Chain & The Gang – In Cool Blood (K)
08. El-P – Cancer 4 Cure (Turnstile)
09. Raime – Quarter Turns Over A Living Line (Blackest Ever Black)
10. Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! (Kranky)
11. UFOMammut – Oro – Opus Primum / Alter (Neurot)
12. Bridie Jackson & The Arbour – Bitter Lullabies
13. Cheek Mountain Thief – Cheek Mountain Thief (Full Time Hobby)
14. Neneh Cherry & The Thing – The Cherry Thing (Smalltown Supersound)
15. First Aid Kit – The Lion’s Roar (Wichita)
16. Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland – Black Is Beautiful (Hyperdub)
17. Iris Dement – Sings The Delta (Flariella)
18. Shackleton – Music For The Quiet Hour / The Drawbar Organ EPs (Woe To The Septic Heart)
19. Carter Tutti Void – Transverse (Mute)
20. Eccentronic Research Council – 1612 Underture (Finders Keepers)
21. The Horse Loom – The Horse Loom
22. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Meat & Bone (Bronze Rat)
23. Four Tet – Pink (Sony Japan)
24. Dexys – One Day I’m Going To Soar (BMG)
25. Moon Duo – Circles (Souterrain Transmissions)

the other contenders:

Anais Mitchell – Young Man In America
Andy Stott – Luxury Problems
Bill Fay – Life Is People
Busy Signal – Reggae Music Again
Calexico – Algiers
Cat Power – Sun
Clinic – Free Reign
Death & Vanilla – Death & Vanilla
Demdike Stare – Elemental
Dirty Three – Towards The Low Sun
Dr John – Locked Down
Giant Giant Sand – Tucson
Hillfolk Noir – Radio Hour
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs – Sunday Run Me Over
Holy Other – Held
Hurray For The Riff Raff – Look Out Mama
Jessica Bailiff – At The Down-Turned Jagged Rim Of The Sky
Johnny Dowd – No Regrets
Killer Mike – RAP Music
Laura Gibson – La Grande
Liars – WIXIW
Lower Dens – Nootropics
Melvins Lite – Freak Puke
Mogwai – A Wrenched Virile Lore
Murder By Death – Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon
Necro Deathmort – The Colonial Script
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis  – Lawless OST
Orbital – Wonky
Oren Ambarchi – Audience Of One
Peaking Lights – Lucifer
Pelt – Effigy
Prince Fatty – Hollie Cook In Dub
Ricardo Villalobos – Dependent And Happy
Rob Heron & The Teapad Orchestra – Money Isn’t Everything
Ry Cooder – Election Special
Saint Etienne – Words & Music
Scott Walker – Bish Bosch
Sharon Van Etten – Tramp
Shit & Shine – Jream Baby Jream
Shonen Knife – Pop Tune
Stealing Sheep – Into The Diamond Sun
Terror Danjah – Dark Crawler
Thee Faction – Singing Down The Government
Trash Talk – 112
Two Bears – Be Strong
Typical Cats – 3
Unthanks & Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band – Diversions 2
X-TG – Desertshort / Final Report
Yamantka – Sonic Titan
ZZ Top – La Futura

Speakers Push Air Albums Of The Year Number 01
January 1, 2013, 11:12 am
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01. Swans – The Seer (Young God)


I’ve got nothing. Go read the scores of other “album of the year” lists with this at number one. Or just fucking listen to it.

No Words / No Thoughts.

I’m not copping out, I just can’t do it

Speakers Push Air Albums Of The Year Number 02
January 1, 2013, 11:05 am
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02. The Singing Adams – Moves (Records Records Records)


In any other year, The Singing Adams might have made it to Album of The Year for the second year running. But you’ll see…

This is what I wrote a bit ago. Narc wordcounts mean I didn’t get to mention the Freebird tribute:

“At just 33 minutes of all killer, no filler excellence, the second album from The Singing Adams leaves you wanting more. Moves is stuffed with fresh and inventive songs that have a scrappy charm whilst actually being smart and intricate and beautifully put together. There are hints of country rock, a touch of Pulp, even some Beta Band on the title track. Steven Adams is still probably the best songwriter in the UK, applying caustic wit and sharp insight to the minutiae of relationships – blame, disappointment, guilt, the usual – while the band has a knack for taking a simple chorus and repeating it until it lodges in your brain. Moves is a late contender for any right thinking album of the year chart