Speakers Push Air

Speakers Push Air Albums Of The Year Pt 1: 25-21

Here’s the first instalment of my albums of 2012. No download links this year, have a youtube link instead and then buy the albums.

25. Moon Duo – Circles (Souterrain Transmissions)


what I said in Narc:

“I’m not going to claim that Circles is Moo Duo going ‘pop’ – unless your idea of pop is eight minute acid guitar jams – but it does have a lighter, more concise feel than its predecessor. That said, it’s still a near perfect combination of Spacemen 3, Suicide, Clinic and Neu. I Can See is amazingly catchy, all stuttering vocals and handclap rhythms, opening track Sleepwalker a stone cold stoner classic, the title track rides a gorgeous, Stereolab-esque groove into a beautiful sunset, Free Action positively STOMPS into your brain, like the kind of glam rock freakout I thought only happened in Julian Cope’s scary brain. Moon Duo make me want to wear sunglasses indoors and watch Dark Star. THAT fucking good.”

24. Dexys – One Day I’m Going To Soar (BMG)


After the excitement had died down, and after one of the finest shows I’ve ever seen, it became obvious (to me , at least) that Now I’m Going To Soar was a very good album, but not a great one. It was the production mostly – a bit leaden, it lacked punch or something (some wag commented that it might be the only record that would actually have benefitted from the dread hand of Mark Ronson). But hopefully Kev / Dexys are back and that can only be a good thing.

23. Four Tet – Pink (Sony Japan)


These charts aren’t supposed to include compilations but since most of the tracks on Pink vanished from the shelves before we’d have got near them and because it’s excellent and because it’s my chart so fuck you, I’ve included it anyway. Not as lush and involving as his usual output because it’s aimed at the dancefloor, it’s still pretty damn lovely.

22. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Meat & Bone (Bronze Rat)


Raw power. After a lacklustre run, this is the good shit. From the amazing, filthy, Black M0ld onwards, they bring the ruckus and it’s immense. BLUES EXPLOSION!!!

21. The Horse Loom – The Horse Loom


I only discovered Horse Loom in the last couple of months (hot on the heels of discovering other local, brilliant artists like Cath & Phil Tyler, Hapsburg Braganza and Richard Dawson). I didn’t realise that not only was Steve Malley (who is Horse Loom) in The Unit AMA, who blew me away at Tusk, but back in the day he was also in  Crane, who I absolutely loved. Neither of those bands would give you much of a clue to how this sounds, though: spare, essentially folk songs – some instrumental, some with some tender vocals – which are trad in places, more abstract in others, but always just wonderful. Amazing stuff. Buy the album, innit?

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