Speakers Push Air

October Singles Column

(Narc Magazine let me do the singles reviews again. Oops)

“Lots of local bands”, they said. “Try and be positive”, they said. “Some of these bands know where you live”, they said. This reviewing lark is fraught with danger, as Lee Fisher found out.

St James

I assume that St James Infirmary are one of this month’s local bands, although there are so many bands with the same name I can’t be sure. Eight For A Fiver is a decent enough Oi-style terrace stompalong, although the vocals need beefing up to sound proper hooly. At least they’re not indie by numbers. Also avoiding the indie slush pile are Rossi Noise, who on Knivesseem to be aiming for a tricky blend of beats and rock dynamics. I’m not sure it entirely works but they’re trying and they’re worth keeping an eye on.

Allo Darlin’

An indie-schmindie case in point are Sonner – I played We Go Forth Tonight about five times and it just didn’t register, I’m sorry. At least that means it probably wasn’t awful. I’ve been to a Street Party In Soho and it sounded nothing like Take Your Time, which isn’t a bad thing – there’s a nice bit of highlife guitar and it all stops short of stadium bombast on the chorus, which is a relief. Also touting a highlife-tinged guitar sound are Little Comets, who have already had some success, although A Little Opus leaves me struggling to see why. I was really getting into Resolver by Clockwork Radio  – nicely jerky, cool harmonies – and then they went and ruined it with a phenomenally ugly guitar solo. Thankfully, Collectors Club are all the way down in Middlesbrough, which means I can probably get away with saying that despite being very polished and produced, there’s nothing else going on. Allo Darlin‘s new single Northern Lights is actually pretty lovely, if you still feel the need to listen to late 80s indie-pop. But why would you?

Conversely, I wish The Spills and The Runaround Kids lived nearer, I’d buy them all a drink. Both the tracks on their Bitching Cassettes split single are fucking ace by dint of them sounding like a brilliantly noisy blend of Pavement and Archers Of Loaf, and because they have some actual ENERGY, dammit. And finally we have Women In Revolt. If you only have room for one song about vaginoplasty by a polysexual glamrock artpunk trash outfit, it ought to be Oestrogynal Itch, all caveman stomp and Valerie Solanas menace.

Women In Revolt

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