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Narc Album Reviews October 2012
October 10, 2012, 12:23 pm
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Holly Golightly & The BrokeOffs

Sunday Run Me Over (Transdreamer)

Words: Lee Fisher

Holly Golightly bears comparison to The Fall in two key respects – the sheer quantity of her back catalogue and John Peel’s quote about ubergoblin Mark E Smith’s band – “always different, always the same” – applying just as well to her. For nearly 20 years now, Holly has been mining the rich seam of American roots music – country, blues, rockabilly, soul – and is still finding something new to say. Her new album, Sunday Run Me Over (her second of 2012) is the latest in a series of collaborations with The Brokeoffs (which is actually her partner, Lawyer Dave). It was recorded on the couple’s farm in Georgia and is apparently the result of their ‘undivided attention’, which may explain why the album is just a joy from start to finish.

The album kicks off with a proper blues stomper, Goddamn Holy Roll, which sets much of the tone for the rest of the album – Sunday Run Me Over might be her most bluesy yet, and Lawyer Dave’s voice (and kickdrum) are to the fore. That said, two of the album’s three covers, I Forgot More and A Whole Lot More (“we need a whole lot less of Jesus and lot more rock’n’roll”) are pure country and brilliant with it. While there’s nothing resembling filler on here, two tracks really stand out. Lawyer Dave gives it his drunken, caterwauling, mountain man best on a raggedy-arsed cover of Mac Davis’ Hard To Be Humble (“but I’m doing the best that I can”).

And then there’s One For The Road, a track that in lesser hands could seem like a throwaway gag but is a stone classic. A stumbling, lurching drinking song that starts with Holly yelling for service, One For The Road is what a cockney knees-up in a hillbilly bar would sound like, if half the patrons were sailors on shore leave and barely able to stand. The song barely makes it to the end before collapsing in a heap, only for Holly to yell in her dulcet Medway tones, “…and a French bird cleaning the sick up”. Drinking has never sounded so much fun. And nor has Holly. Make mine a double.

Moon Duo

Circles (Souterrain Transmissions)

I’m not going to claim that Circles is Moo Duo going ‘pop’ – unless your idea of pop is eight minute acid guitar jams – but it does have a lighter, more concise feel than its predecessor. That said, it’s still a near perfect combination of Spacemen 3, Suicide, Clinic and Neu. I Can See is amazingly catchy, all stuttering vocals and handclap rhythms, opening track Sleepwalker a stone cold stoner classic, the title track rides a gorgeous, Stereolab-esque groove into a beautiful sunset, Free Action positively STOMPS into your brain, like the kind of glam rock freakout I thought only happened in Julian Cope’s scary brain. Moon Duo make me want to wear sunglasses indoors and watch Dark Star. THAT fucking good.

(thanks as ever to Narc )

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