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April’s Narc Content #3: Singles Reviews
April 16, 2012, 2:12 pm
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I don’t know if it’s because it’s sunny or my meds are kicking in, but the singles pile is VERY healthy this month.

Teenage Blood from Tom Williams & The Boat isn’t bad at all, a rousing country-ish take on the kind of ‘big music’ The Waterboys used to trade in. Not breathtakingly original but pretty stirring nonetheless. Dreadful name though. Sticking with country-ish, All The Crooked Scenes by Ellen & The Escapades is decent enough in a Walkabouts kind of way. Again, not especially original but it has a pleasing gallop to it.

I’m a big Talibam! fan and No School is a wonderful mess – clunky white boy rapping over a lurching, percussive racket that barely makes it to the end of the track without collapsing. Great name too (Tom Williams, take note). Another band I already love, The Miserable Rich have worked their string-laden chamber pop magic again with Under Glass. It’s got cellos, people!!! Meanwhile, Pulled Apart From Horses release their best single yet with Wolf Hands – still pretty hardcore but catchy as hell, and lyric of the year so far – “when i was a kid, i was a dick, but nothing changes”. Excellent.

Let’s take time out from all that ceaseless positivity for a trio of deeply rubbish releases. When I played Clouds I genuinely thought it was a mislabelled Wild Beasts track. Weird Shapes / Wild Beasts – easily done. But no, they really are that derivative. Docked a point for the most pompous website ever (so that’s minus 1). Similarly unforgiveable is Shine On You by Strangers, like a synth pop soundtrack to a Sanatogen advert. A ‘lighters up’ anthem for try-hard aunties. As for Hold Me Now by Premise Beach (another shocking name), I just don’t know what to say. Whiny songwriter stuff with a production budget and a particularly disgusting guitar solo.

Thankfully, Django Django have surprised me with a really great single. Storm is clever without trying too hard, catchy without being inane and it kinda stomps. Santigold has seemed a bit lost of late, but Disparate Youth is just brilliant – soaring and epic, a bit Fever Ray, chock full of lush synths and fembot vocals, perfect for the radio on a sunny day. Which is where we came in…

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