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Album Of The Year #1
December 31, 2011, 11:47 am
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Singing Adams – Everybody Friends Now (Records Records Records)

mp3: Singing Adams – Elizabeth Frink

mp3: Singing Adams – The Old Days

(In which your intrepid hero tries not to mention T** B****n F****y B**d)

It’s no slight to Everybody Friends Now that this being number one was as much of a surprise to me as anyone (except Pete Hart, who for the second year running guessed and thus won the competition). It’s not radical, noisy, innovative, extreme or anything. It’s not a fusion of the latest urban styles. It’s not a long cry of existential pain. It’s just fucking brilliant.

Bass, drums, two guitars, vocals. We’ve had decades of this stuff and we’re always being told this rock’n’roll thing must be dead or dying. And then people – people like Steven Adams and his new band, Melinda, Matthew and Michael  – come and make new magic out of it. Like I said, there’s nothing to frighten the horses here. If you looked for this in a record shop, it’d definitely be in the Indie Section. But this is songwriting at its very best – wry, disappointed, sharp, resigned, loving, lovelorn, bitter, hopeful. The songs maybe have a lightness of touch and a variety that Steven’s previous albums didn’t, the arrangements are cleverer and more involving. His lyrics, while still very funny in places, aren’t quite so… snarky as before (don’t get me wrong, I love snarky), not so played for laughs; and you get the feeling he’s hiding less of himself on this album. Fuck knows, that’s all projection I’m sure.

Me and the missus totally rinsed this album this year, especially on a 2 week trip in the summer, singing along over Welsh mountains and through Dorset country lanes. It totally suits that sort of thing.

Yeh, anyway. Album of the year, for the sheer joy of hearing the sound a band being a band and writing proper songs that make you feel things and stuff.

Reactionary wankers.

Buy It

(oh, and go see them, they’re ace. Easily as good as The Broken Fam.. oh, bugger)

Some Reactionary Wankers, The Cluny 2



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