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Album Of The Year #6
December 27, 2011, 11:07 am
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Misty’s Big Adventure – Family Amusement Centre (Grumpy Fun Recordings)


mp3: Misty’s Big Adventure – I See A Cloud

As I drunkenly tweeted after their recent Newcastle gig, “The sort of people who think Misty’s Big Adventure are wacky are the same sort of people who think Oasis were a great live band”.

Sure, they have a glove-covered whirling dervish called The Erotic Volvo. Sure, there are sort-of dance routines and a fair amount of showbiz (low budget, but show business none the less). But that stuff doesn’t work if the songs are crap, if there’s no content. In that sense, Misty’s remind me a bit of a much skinter Flaming Lips (but not really in any other way, their’s is a very different take on psychedelia).

Ah, the songs. Misty’s manage to mix up Lionel Bart, psychedelia, Burt Bacharach, Two Tone, The Shangri-Las, fellow Brum bands like Pram and Broadcast (R.I.P. Trish), Ivor Cutler, 70s pop. Etc etc etc… It’d be a mistake to see any of this as whimsy – listen closer and there’s a quiet anger, a resigned withdrawal from the worst bits of modern life. As Grandmaster Gareth, the Scott Walker / Julian Cope-voiced frontman has it, “I’m not some hippy after peace and love, just sick of everybody trying to act so tough“.  Misty’s is 7  musicians and a dancer coming together to create something smart and sad and joyful and fun and exciting and heartfelt and innovative and pretty fucking unique. And Family Amusement Centre is their best album by far, the ambition matched by the arrangements, the songs just spot on. Go see them, buy their album, insist on the girl group spin off The Dumbettes making an album so Hannah gets her bench overlooking the Lickey Hills.
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This isn’t on the album but I don’t think they made any videos for it yet. This is an old song and I’ll keep posting it till you all accept Misty’s into your heart like Jeebus only better.


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