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All Hail The Psapp!
November 3, 2011, 3:12 pm
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Been listening to a lot of Psapp lately, after Stuart Maconie played Part Like Waves on his Freakzone a couple of weeks ago. And lovely stuff it is too – according to wiki, the duo inventing toytronica, which I don’t think is correct and is probably the sort of thing they’d vigorously deny anyway.

At times, they sound a little like Add N To X if the latter had some feeling and warmth – a similar analogue wheeze and hum; at others, superficially at least, like a particularly lovely indie pop band; at others, it’s tempting to use the word folktronica in a kind of early Four Tet sense, only that’s even shitter than toytronica. But there’s so much more going on: a sense of melancholy pervades much of their stuff, alongside the found sounds and squeaky toys and glitches and chirpiness. And then, somehow, they remind me a little of an act like Slapp Happy, in their invention and range and wonderful oddness.

They’ve released either three or four albums (depending on which biography you read) and a handful of EPs and been used a lot on TV (Grey’s Anatomy, for example). The Camel’s Back is the album that I keep going back to, and you really should check it out. They’re on Domino these days, but haven’t done anything as Psapp for a while (although they both seem very busy).

Psapp – Part Like Waves
Psapp – Cosy In The Rocket (Grey’s Anatomy theme)

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