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The Dark Art Of The Tune Of The Day
October 13, 2011, 11:09 am
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I was just asked about the actual mechanics of the Tune Of The Day (up to Volume 7, tune 81 now). Here’s a picture of me doing it:

or you could do it the simple way:

1) spend about £5 a month on a hosting site (i use Mediafire, but it’s where myself and Jared host all our mixes and such so it’s a bargain)
2) choose and upload a tune (the tricky bit, IMO 😉 )
3) once it’s uploaded, you’ll get a long and clunky URL for it (which also takes up useful characters in your Twitter or Facebook post) so use bit.ly to rename it something concise and coherent (TOTDX.XX, for example)
4) Post it where you want – Twitter, Facebook etc – with some text. I use Hootsuite to post to my Facebook and two Twitter accounts simultaneously)
5) erm.. that’s it.

Hootsuite is also useful for scheduling posts in advance – when I went away for a couple of weeks in the summer I painstakingly uploaded and scheduled 14 Tunes Of The Day to post at 9am each morning. It did strike me that if I died in a hideous car crash (or from liver failure, let’s face it) in the early part of the trip, people would still be getting Tunes From Beyond The Grave, which is cool / morbid.

So, yeh. Here’s one link, here’s another link, now form a Tune Of The Day.

If you want to get mine, I suggest following either @real_dubversion (which is my regular twitter feed) or @StaggerTunes where I only post Tunes or Mixes

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