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And The Drums, And The Drums, And The Drums
October 1, 2011, 6:47 pm
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Listened to the fantastic, drum-driven Cut Hands FACT mix.*

Thought about drums.

Listened to drums.

Made a mix.**

DJ Dubversion – And The Drums (256kbps, 78mins, 142mb)

o1. Sabres Of Paradise – Smokebelch II (David  Holmes Mix)
02. Songhay Gulu Drummers – Untitled
03. Jon Mueller – Hands
04. Melvins – The Water Glass (edit)
05. Wassa – Borhomasi Fare
06. Tortoise – Gamera
07. African Headcharge – Dervish Chant
08. Extra Action Marching Band – Black Chicken
09. Boredoms – Seadrum

And the drums and the drums and the drums and the drums

* Cut Hands are great, which doesn’t mean William Bennett is off the hook
**Includes a couple of tracks from the Cut Hands mix because they’re so good. Doesn’t include Cozy Powell’s Race With The Devil cos I chickened out.

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I’ve heard that Cut Hand album is good but, y’know cos it’s him I wasn’t that bothered have you heard it?

Comment by Mumblin' Earl

I really like it. It’s pretty abrasive, has some of those really harsh high frequencies Whitehouse used, but much more musical and much less “Poo Poo Paedo Hitler Was Cool” teenage bullshit

Comment by stagger lee

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