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Dyffi Osprey Project
May 7, 2011, 5:25 pm
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It’s a real thing, the Dyfi Osprey Project, and ospreys have been seen down by my mate’s boatyard.

This mix has nothing to do with any of that*, save that somehow the project’s name sounds like a slightly iffy Welsh prog band. Which got me thinking, but not very clearly cos I’m back on the happy pills again and things are all a bit.. detached today. And somehow I ended up with this. There’s barely a coherent style or mood, I guess it’s all recentish-ish music which has a touch of psych or ‘otherness’ to it, but not in my usual Buttholes / Coil fucked up sense.

So yeh, big up the ospreys.

The Dyffi Osprey Project
(75 mins, 14omb)

01. Sparklehorse – Box Of Stars pt.1
02. Benji Hughes – I Went With Some Friends To See The Flaming Lips
03. Flaming Lips – The Observer
04. Baxter Dury – Oscar Brown
05. The Webb Brothers – All The Cocaine In The World
06. Dead Man’s Bones – My Body’s A Zombie For You
07. Misty’s Big Adventure – I Can’t Bring The Time Back
08. Fang Island – Daisy
09. Warpaint – Billie Holiday
10. Here We Go Magic – I Just Want To See You Underwater
11. Midlake – Roscoe (Wizard’s Sleeve Remix)
12. OOIOO – Be Sure To Loop
13. Mogwai – The Sun Smells Too Loud
14. The Acorn – Restoration (Four Tet Remix)
15. Errors – A Rumour In Africa
16. Dan Deacon – Wham City
17. Sparklehorse – Box Of Stars pt 2.

* hence my decision to spell Dyffi with two ‘f’s. This is purely a copyright issue and has nothing to do with me fucking it up.

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