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Big Tings A’Gwaan
May 4, 2011, 11:45 am
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The world’s a-changin’, folks, and I thought I should make some changes here too.

Osama’s been offed, Prince William has united the shires in an Arthurian act of blood union, we’re about to vote to change elections to the far preferable “Mike Reid’s Runaround System“, where voters have a few seconds to stand on an image of their preferred candidate’s face while the local ballot officer shouts “democracy….. NAWW!!!”.

And here? Well, long term readers know I tend not to write reviews as such – more a series of enthusiasms and nods and hints which somehow at the year’s end form themselves into an End of Year Chart. But this has several drawbacks: it means that by the time the year’s out, my fresh discovery may be your “oh, that’s so April” last big thing; it means that the few promos and such I receive probably don’t get the up-to-the-minute coverage they warrant; and it means that come December I’ve got a whole lot of thinking and writing to do when I’d rather be drinking myself stupid with a party hat slipping across my face.

So the plan is to write some more review-type pieces as they occur to me or I get hold of copies (amongst all the other nonsense). This might also help me GET more advance copies of things. Already in the pipeline when I get this essay out of the way – some thoughts about Test Tone Generators (a new project by the former Terminal Cheesecake / World Dom drummer Simon); the new Morton Valence album; a preview of some fresh Frontier Ruckus songs; a look at Los Campesinos‘ fanzine / singles club Heat Rash. And some other stuff.

So that’s exciting, eh?

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Sounds cool, especially the Test Tone Generators!

Comment by John Eden

Dooooooooo it 😀

Comment by The Reverend M

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