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Summer’s Here, Kids..
May 28, 2011, 12:30 pm
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Despite being in the chilly frozen north (and it has been GRIM the last few days), and despite being dirt poor, I’ve still managed to get a fairly busy summer lined up. It could probably be busier but the old London way of doing things – heading to a festival after work / college on a Friday afternoon, back fro work on Monday – doesn’t work from here. Everything’s a day away. Anyhow, this is how it’s looking:

Sunday May 29th, Newcastle – Evolution Festival – Jumping Hot Stage (allĀ  day)
Joining Lord Leigh Park to play some tunes all day between bands on the best stage at the usually pretty damn good Evolution Festival. Hurray For The Riff Raff, James Yorkston and Bellowhead are all on so it should be cool although I’m not sure how I’m fixed for slipping off to see Caribou.

Friday June 10th, The Lamplight Arts Centre, Stanley, County Durham – The Fascinator Lounge 8-11pm
A burlesque night in Stanley? The mind boggles as other stuff jiggles. I’ll be playing some suitably sultry tunes.

Saturday June 18th, Ouseburn Boat Club, Newcastle – Rock’N’Roll Summer Dance Party 8pm-1am
Lord Leigh Park and I – in our Big Ten Inch guise – spinning billy, garage and rock’n’roll alongside The Exes and Dick Bronte & The Cosmonauts. Also featuring cheap drinks, movies and other spectacular stuff, and in a brilliant Tyneside location.

Thursday June 23rd – Sunday June 26th, Glastonbury Festival Of Throwing Stuff At Bono
Randy & Earl’s Old Record Club are back again. Confirmed slots thus far –
Saturday night / Sunday Morning – 2am-4am, Quality Tom’s Backstage Bar, Shangri-La
Sunday lunchtime – Pussy Parlure – our annual Pussy Parlure slot. A Proper set at midday and some between acts tunes till mid-afternoon
Other slots likely to get added. Meanwhile, drinking.

Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd July, Ribble Valley, Lancs – Beatherder Festival
Perfumed Garden Tent , Sunday lunchtime
A new one for me, and really looking forward to it. Just me in my Stagger Lee incarnation. A cracking line-up (Mungo’s HiFi, Leftfield, VHS Head, Andy Weatherall, Shit Robot, Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer) and apparently a lovely location and crowd. Excellent.

Friday July 8th, Star & Shadow Arts Centre, Ouseburn, Newcastle – Eddie & Sheena 8pm
Joining Lord Leigh Park and Michael Clunkie, Vinyl Junkie for a night of punk, garage, girl groups and rockabilly. More details to follow.

Friday July 22nd – Sunday July 24th, Cambridgeshire – Secret Garden Party. slots tba

Friday August 12th – Sunday August 14th, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset – Endorse It! In Dorset
The big one. Once again, Randy & Earl’s Old Record Club are hosting the Wig On Casino from 9pm to 6am every night. EvenĀ  more guests than usual this year, but the well established mix of soul, rockabilly, garage, country, ska, blues, reggae, gospel, jazz, R&B more. Just a fantastic festival – you should come.

And that’s it for now, apart from a couple of weddings, but that’s not bad at all is it?

Northumbrian Fight Songs
May 27, 2011, 2:03 pm
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When I listen to a bad metal record and think it’s a pointless racket I don’t feel anything. When I listen to a Derek Bailey record or a Pharoah Sanders record and I think it’s a pointless racket I feel like I’ve failed.

Most of what I want to say about jazz is rendered pointless by banality, lack of insight and obviousness. All I know is sometimes a track really grabs me when most of it leaves me cold, irritated or frustrated. I love My Favourite Things and can’t stand A Love Supreme. I guess I go for the “easy stuff” – give me Sketches Of Spain over Bitches Brew every time. Why I love something like Haitian Fight Song and yet dislike* most other Mingus I’ve heard is beyond me.

*or “don’t get it”, which is what I say about jazz I don’t like, a weird caveat I don’t use when I say I dislike Mumford & Sons

Anyway, here’s some jazz. I like it.

Northumbrian Fight Songs (79 mins, 256kbps, 144mb)

01. Sun Ra & His Arkestra – Sleeping Beauty (1979) [00.00]
02. Bill Wells Trio – Presentation Piece #1 (2002) [11.45]
03. Miles Davis – Flamenco Sketches (1959) [20.45]
04. Duke Ellington – Anatomy of A Murder Main Title (1959) [30.00]
05. Salah Ragab & The Cairo Jazz Band – Egypt Strut (1968?) [33.45]
06. Polar Bear – Beartown (2005) [38.45]
07. Art Ensemble Of Chicago with Fontella Bass– Theme De YoYo (1970) [44.30]
08. Charles Mingus – Haitian Fight Song (1957) [53.15]
09. John Coltrane – My Favourite Things (1961) [65.15]

Actually, listening back to it I’ve realised just how much I love the Polar Bear track. Like, “Top Ten Tracks Ever” love.

I suspect I’ve banged on about this before, but it absolutely transports me. That surging power and the Jewish funeral quality it has (I’m sure this comparison manages to be wrong, disrespectful and probably racist all at once).
Somehow it feels like a companion piece to Mogwai’s My Father My King.

Top Heavy
May 24, 2011, 8:15 pm
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Country Girls
May 24, 2011, 1:33 pm
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I made a sort-of country mix back in December, all women vocalists. Pete Hart asked me to make a second volume so I have – perhaps a bit broader in scope but still a similar feel.

Read all about it at our Randy & Earl blog.

Stagger Cast #21
May 23, 2011, 3:55 pm
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A bit late, but here’s the latest Stagger Cast for you to enjoy… clicky.

(the download link is at the foot of the podcast page)

Stagger Cast #21

01. Los Gatos Neros – Hey Hey Bunny
02. Liverbirds – He’s About A Mover
03. Symbols – Do The Zombie
04. Os Mutantes – A Minha Menina
05. Contours – Baby Hit & Run
06. Koko Taylor – Wang Dang Doodle
07. Seasick Steve – Chiggers
08. Slim Harpo – Buzzin’
09. Bobby Blue Bland – St James Infirmary
10. Aaron Neville – Hercules
11. Aggrolites – Black Lung
12. Big Youth – Marcus Garvey
13. Texas Tornadoes – In Heaven There Is No Beer
14. Hank Snow – I’ve Been Everywhere
15. Charlie Parr & The Black Twig Pickers – Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down
16. Frontier Ruckus – Mona & Emmy
17. Johnny Dowd – First There Was
18. Mississippi John Hurt – Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor

Dyffi Osprey Project
May 7, 2011, 5:25 pm
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It’s a real thing, the Dyfi Osprey Project, and ospreys have been seen down by my mate’s boatyard.

This mix has nothing to do with any of that*, save that somehow the project’s name sounds like a slightly iffy Welsh prog band. Which got me thinking, but not very clearly cos I’m back on the happy pills again and things are all a bit.. detached today. And somehow I ended up with this. There’s barely a coherent style or mood, I guess it’s all recentish-ish music which has a touch of psych or ‘otherness’ to it, but not in my usual Buttholes / Coil fucked up sense.

So yeh, big up the ospreys.

The Dyffi Osprey Project
(75 mins, 14omb)

01. Sparklehorse – Box Of Stars pt.1
02. Benji Hughes – I Went With Some Friends To See The Flaming Lips
03. Flaming Lips – The Observer
04. Baxter Dury – Oscar Brown
05. The Webb Brothers – All The Cocaine In The World
06. Dead Man’s Bones – My Body’s A Zombie For You
07. Misty’s Big Adventure – I Can’t Bring The Time Back
08. Fang Island – Daisy
09. Warpaint – Billie Holiday
10. Here We Go Magic – I Just Want To See You Underwater
11. Midlake – Roscoe (Wizard’s Sleeve Remix)
12. OOIOO – Be Sure To Loop
13. Mogwai – The Sun Smells Too Loud
14. The Acorn – Restoration (Four Tet Remix)
15. Errors – A Rumour In Africa
16. Dan Deacon – Wham City
17. Sparklehorse – Box Of Stars pt 2.

* hence my decision to spell Dyffi with two ‘f’s. This is purely a copyright issue and has nothing to do with me fucking it up.

May 7, 2011, 1:26 pm
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No matter how crappy things can get, there’s always something – the dance routine in Bande A Part, a David Sedaris character study, a Wes Anderson montage, really good sandwich – that helps. And there’s this. 4mins and46secs of sheer fucking joy.

Big Tings A’Gwaan
May 4, 2011, 11:45 am
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The world’s a-changin’, folks, and I thought I should make some changes here too.

Osama’s been offed, Prince William has united the shires in an Arthurian act of blood union, we’re about to vote to change elections to the far preferable “Mike Reid’s Runaround System“, where voters have a few seconds to stand on an image of their preferred candidate’s face while the local ballot officer shouts “democracy….. NAWW!!!”.

And here? Well, long term readers know I tend not to write reviews as such – more a series of enthusiasms and nods and hints which somehow at the year’s end form themselves into an End of Year Chart. But this has several drawbacks: it means that by the time the year’s out, my fresh discovery may be your “oh, that’s so April” last big thing; it means that the few promos and such I receive probably don’t get the up-to-the-minute coverage they warrant; and it means that come December I’ve got a whole lot of thinking and writing to do when I’d rather be drinking myself stupid with a party hat slipping across my face.

So the plan is to write some more review-type pieces as they occur to me or I get hold of copies (amongst all the other nonsense). This might also help me GET more advance copies of things. Already in the pipeline when I get this essay out of the way – some thoughts about Test Tone Generators (a new project by the former Terminal Cheesecake / World Dom drummer Simon); the new Morton Valence album; a preview of some fresh Frontier Ruckus songs; a look at Los Campesinos‘ fanzine / singles club Heat Rash. And some other stuff.

So that’s exciting, eh?