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Pay Misty For Me
April 19, 2011, 10:22 am
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Misty’s Big Adventure are a truly wonderful band and are far too little known for my liking. Great on record, glorious live, written off as “wacky” by the odd philistine who notices the Erotic Volvo but not the sheer quality and invention of the songs. Go see them, buy all their records.

In fact, you can do better. Like quite a few bands these days who’ve had the sense to realise old music biz models just don’t work any more, they’re running one of those Pledge Music schemes where fans who stump up for a new album in advance (in this case The Family Amusement Centre) get the chance for all sorts of other gubbins, on a sliding scale running from an advance copy of the CD for a tenner, through such wonders as Grandmaster Gareth’s soul (£50, just the one) through to a whole Misty’s gig of your own for £750.  The album’s recorded (in fact you can get a track from it here) but needs some polishing and such, and fundraising seems to be going well but you’ve still got a couple of months to invest in the album. I will, soon as I have some $$$

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I always forget how good they are actually. And you didn’t even feel the need to mention the brass section. – Well done you!

Comment by Earl

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