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April 12, 2011, 12:32 am
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While I’m out here doing the ‘getting it together in the country’ thing, I’ve sort of got a share in the family dog – my first since my childhood dog Suki got run over and killed in the early 80s. It’s a wonderful thing, having a dog.

Fuck all that stuff about them actually being as manipulative in their own way as cats; the illusion of loyalty and affection does me just fine, if illusion it is. There’s a peace of mind that goes with having a dog around, and lord knows I’m always in the market for some of that. He’s idiosyncratic, boisterous and foul of arse but he steals cheese and he makes me laugh.

So let’s hear it for Murphy

A damn fine hound.

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Nice dog Dub (but aren’t they all?) – good name too! Not too clear from the pic what sort of hound he is though….

‘foul of arse’ 😀

Comment by Hoofer

we’re not entirely sure, think there’s some doberman and greyhound or something. Was a bit raucous till he was trained, but now an absolute joy. Very funny dog – he craves attention but pretends he doesn’t so he always looks away in an aloof manner when being fussed over..

(sheer anthropomorphism obviously. )

Comment by stagger lee

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