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When Someone Great Is Gone
April 3, 2011, 8:38 am
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LCD Soundystem played their absolutely final show last night at Madison Square Gardens. I’d have given my good leg to see them bow out and I miss them already. Here are ten reasons why, written totally on the fly as a series of badly articulated tweets:

1. They seemed at the start as some sort of snarky hipster deal and but turned out to have a huge HEART and really moved me.

2. The time I saw them at Electric Picnic, expecting snarky hipsters and got a perfect blend of rave and New Order gig.

3. All My Friends, which fucking SOARS

4. that probably apocryphal story about MESmith hearing Losing My Edge in a record shop (Eastern Bloc?) and grabbing a member of staff and shouting “You’re taking the fucking PISS now”.

5. The way they could sound like all your favourite bands but could never be quite pinned down + were never just derivative.


7. James Murphy is a dude and stopped being scared of Steve Albini when he saw Albini wearing a shit digital watch with a calculator on it

8. The fact that Someone Great never quite gives up its meaning (death? divorce?) but can still make me feel weepy.

9. Losing My Edge was laugh out loud funny AND fucking cool and about the best opening statement ever, seriously.

10. Like Big Black, they knew when to quit + I respect that whilst still lamenting the fact I’ll never see them again.

and one for luck:

11. if i could sneak an 11th, i love the fact that #LCDSoundsystem’s career is almost exactly the same length as People’s Republic Of Disco. Speaking of which, Jared has posted some PROD / LCD Soundsystem thoughts on the (soon to be shut down) PROD site.

from last night’s farewell show, with Arcade Fire performing North American Scum:

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