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Request-A-Mix #3: Movies
January 18, 2011, 5:18 pm
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My mate Bimble suggested this one – number 3 was supposed to be cars, but I mixed it and wasn’t happy with the result so I’ll come back to it. Have Movies instead.

Request-A-Mix #3: I Want To See A Movie of My Dreams (77mins, 141mb)

1. Intro
2. Public Enemy – Burn Hollywood Burn
3. The Go Betweens – Lee Remick
4. Kissing The Pink – The Last Film
5. Le Tigre – What’s Yer Take On Cassavetes?
6. The Fall – Popcorn Double Feature
7. April March – Stay Away From Robert Mitchum
8. Sparks – The Director Never Yelled “Cut”
9. Killdozer – Man Vs Nature
10. The Broken Family Band – Cinema Vs House
11. The Drifters – Saturday Night At The Movies
12. Stump – Charlton Heston
13. The Olympics – Western Movies
14. E-Cousins – Elvis Movies
15. Wire – French Film Blurred
16. Adam Green – Watching Old Movies
17. Soft Cell – Seedy Films
18. Wreckless Eric – Let’s Go To The Pictures
19. Things To Do For Boys – Tales Of The Expected
20. The Auteurs – Klaus Kinski
21. The Flaming Lips – Godzilla Flick
22. Mick Harvey – Initial BB
23. Thin White Rope – Film Theme
24. Bauhaus – She’s In Parties
25. Built To Spill – Car

NB: play special attention to track 19. Things To Do For Boys were a Brighton band fronted by an old friend of mine called Mike. Mike died suddenly, mysteriously a while ago, an awful thing to happen. The band never got anywhere, this track just goes to show why that’s a travesty.

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So, I was gonna give this a slagging (movies! there’s a stretch!) and so on, ‘cos, y’know, that’s what I’m here for but…. it has Kissing The Pink on it! – Genius!

Comment by Earl

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