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December 31, 2010, 8:48 am
Filed under: 2010 Top 25

download Four Tet – Plastic People

download Four Tet – She Just Likes To Fight

I find writing about electronic / dance music much harder than writing about other forms. Partly I guess because as I get older and I go clubbing much much less (ie never) and I’m so removed these days from any kind of scene, I don’t have the kind of background knowledge to give the music a context. So it is with Four Tet.

I’ve been buying Kieran Hebden’s music since he was in Fridge, and I’ve got a lot and it’s pretty much all wonderful. There Is Love In You is obviously more dancefloor-focussed than before, which as far as I can glean comes from a long period of playing out (including at the legendary, now saved and titular Plastic People) but other than that, I can’t say with any authority whether it’s post-dubstep, quasi-twostep, anti-brostep or some other micro-genre. There’s still traces of the kind of sounds that got early Four Tet releases tagged “folktronica” (ugh) but the beats are more prominent without ever being formulaic.

What I can say with authority, however, is that it is one of the most uniquely immersive and joyful things I’ve heard in a long time. It shimmers and it soars and it takes me to some wonderful places in my head. The rest doesn’t really matter. This album fought a long tussle with the Swans album for the #2 spot, but beauty won out over ecstatic dread, perhaps as it should.

buy it

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hurray for beauty!
did Caribou make your chart?

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