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December 31, 2010, 11:11 am
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download Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Port Authority Band

download Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Cranston

So here y’are.

The album of the year seemed inevitable to me (and Pete, the one person who guessed in advance what it would be). Course, there are rules being broken here: Buried Behind The Barn is not only virtually a mini-album, but also it’s a collection of demos and outtakes from about 10 years ago. But fuck it – 2010 has been ALL about Slim Cessna’s Auto Club for me.

Comrade Ouchmonkey / Jared / Brother Earl had been pimping SCAC to me for an age, but I pretty much ignored him: they had 16 Horsepower connections, a band I find too overwrought and dour for the most part. But SCAC are a totally different proposition. If you’d asked me to describe my dream “Americana” band, I’d have pretty much described Slim Cessna. Imagine if you will a Venn diagram featuring the Violent Femmes, The Handsome Family, The Bad Seeds, Th’Legendary Shack Shakers, The Broken Family Band, The Bad Livers, country gospel and a dozen other perfect reference points. SCAC would be slap bang in the middle, drinkin’ and fornicatin’ and testifyin’.

Complex, funny lyrics nodding to William Faulkner, Flannery O’Connor and Cormac McCarthy, a genuine sense of baptist fire in their bellies, fantastically interwoven vocals, a rich fierce sound. I’ve never seen SCAC live but you just KNOW they’d fucking rock. 17 years they’ve been going, with a dozen offshoot bands and art projects. This band hit me like a hammer this year, they’ve never left the stereo and while Buried Behind The Barn isn’t their best album (find The Bloudy Tenent Truth Peace for that), it’s still head and shoulders above everything else in a year that has produced more fantastic music than any I can remember.

Seriously, 2010 has been amazing and next time someone bitches and moans about there being no good music any more, spit in their eye and tell them to make a fucking effort. It’s out there, it’s just not being spoonfed. Or just point them at this blog as a jumping off point. All killer, no filler comrades.

buy it



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One of the best descriptions of the Auto Club I have read.

Comment by Justin Ullman

thank you kindly 🙂 – i felt i hadn’t done them justice, really…

Comment by stagger lee

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