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December 30, 2010, 2:16 pm
Filed under: 2010 Top 25

download Los Campesinos! – Romance Is Boring

download Los Campesinos! – Straight In At 101

“I think we need more post-coital and less post-rock.
Feels like the build-up takes forever but you never touch my cock”

Los Campesinos! are all growed up.

This bloody marvellous 3rd album sees less sugar-rush shouting and glockenspiels, a more dense and awkward sound, a much broader palette. While they may never again make something so uniquely exhilirating as You! Me! Dancing! or Death To Los Campesinos (the only records in years that made me wish I still went to indie clubs), instead there’s a depth and lyricism here. Gareth’s words can scarcely be contained by the shape of the verses any more, he’s got so much to say. While not as brattily shouty as before, it’s still pretty intense, maximalist stuff, but Los Campesinos! always pack about 3 melodies into each track.

I absolutely adore this band, they make me feel excited and joyful in a way that doesn’t happen so much with guitar bands any more. I genuinely can’t wait to see what they do next.

buy it


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