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December 15, 2010, 10:55 am
Filed under: 2010 Top 25

download These New Puritans – We Want War

Interviews with These New Puritans left me wanting to push them down a long flight of stairs. Pretentious doesn’t cover it, and on their last album I didn’t hear anything to back up their lofty statements. But bugger me, Hidden is probably the most ambitious and original album I’ve heard all year. In any sensible universe, trying to fit sombre brass, frantic itchy Timbaland beats, flat,  Dury-esque vocals, singing schoolkids and all sorts of other sounds from almost Bellowhead-style folk to metal to minimalism shouldn’t work but TNP have pulled it off. There’s some Benjamin Britten in there too and in places it’s impossible to entirely avoid thoughts of prog – it’s discordant and drawn out and some songs do seem to have palpable movements.

But prog never had dancehall riddims.

In truth, it’s an album that’s easier to admire than to really love – which is why it’s only #17 – and it’s a fairly cold, austere experience, but it’s a powerful one for all that.

It’s a bit lame to post the lead single as the track I’ve selected, but it was the lead single for a reason…

buy it

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