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Rolling Over Ben Brown In A Menacing Manner
December 14, 2010, 12:29 pm
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Here’s Mr Ben Brown’s interview with Jody McIntyre:

here’s the text of my complaint to the BBC:

I would like to complain in the strongest possible terms about the interview conducted yesterday evening by Ben Brown with Jody McIntyre.

There are myriad seriously unacceptable aspects to this interview but to focus on one or two:

Mr Brown c…onducted the whole interview in a very loaded, partial and biased manner, perhaps most evident when he repeatedly implied that Mr McIntyre posed some form of threat to the police officer(s) who dragged him from his wheelchair. Mr McIntyre calmly explained on more than one occasion what should have been self-evident to Mr Brown anyway: that a wheelchair bound cerebral palsy sufferer unable even to move on their own could pose no threat whatsoever to phalanxes of well defended, baton-wielding police officers. Mr Brown even asked if Mr McIntyre had thrown something at the police after Mr McIntyre had explained the extent of his disabilities.

Mr Brown also seemed keen to press the point about Mr McIntyre’s apparent status as a “revolutionary”, as if this could in any way justify the actions of the police. Again, Mr McIntyre was clear and reasonable in his responses. Again, it seemed as if Mr Brown simply wasn’t listening.

Mr Brown also seemed rather fixated on the fact that Mr McIntyre had not yet filed any kind of official complaint against the police, seeming to imply that this in some way threw Mr McIntyre’s account into question. Indeed much of the interview Mr Brown conducted seemed to consist of points aimed in a knowing manner at the viewer, playing to the gallery if you will, rather than any attempt to truly engage with Mr McIntyre.

Mr McIntyre remained calm, polite, reasonable and lucid throughout the whole interview despite there being numerous occasions when Mr Brown’s approach was clearly unprofessional and biased.

I’m afraid this woeful interview is simply the most pronounced of the BBC’s lamentably biased coverage of the student actions so far. Anyone who watched the live coverage of last Thursday’s events, especially when it featured eminently fair and perceptive journalists such as Paul Mason, must have been shocked when they saw evening broadcasts on the main BBC news programmes which had to a very great extent shifted perspective to an almost hysterically partial account of the situation, this reaching its lowest point when David Cameron’s claim that a police officer had been dragged by his horse by protestors was allowed to go unchallenged despite the BBC itself having broadcast footage earlier in the day that makes it crystal clear that this was not the case.

The BBC’s coverage of the recent events is slipping back to the level of its coverage of the miners strike when news coverage was exposed as at best partial, at worst downright dishonest, and I’m afraid it’s a disgrace.

Please, you complain too. This can’t go unchallenged.

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Ben Brown’s a spanner – you’d probably have got more radical coverage from Parliament Square with Nigel Dempster on the mic. He’s clearly a man who’s never listened to a GBH album, and I find him shameful beyond belief. As if wearing a protective hat wasn’t enough, I also saw him the other day when a co-presenter had a coughing fit. His verbal reaction was – no joke – “Oh gosh…help”, as he produced an empty bottle of Evian.

Comment by Martin C

Damn right, both of you.

Comment by kek

hear hear!. i’ve personally perused browns CD collection and saw no trace of anything like GBH or even bad brains. the closest thing he had was the lighthouse familys greatest hits…and thats not even close.

Comment by subpots

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