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November 25, 2010, 1:25 pm
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At risk of sounding creepy, Flounder is one of my favourite people, a true gent. Among his many past roles was roadcrew to goths and cowpunks alike, and from that he’s becoming increasingly involved in Endorse It! festival (my favourite festival and not just cos they let me have my own tent) to the point where he now programmes some of it, does all sorts of web voodoo and even helps with other festivals now. Not to mention his role as banjo player and vocalist for The Boot Hill All Stars, the finest (only?) hillbilly ska band around (trust me, it works!). He’s thoroughly immersed in the scrumpy and western scene and a firm supporter of talent from all over the area.
So folks, please welcome Flounder Murray – one of the good guys.

What music are you currently grooving to?

The Inbredz – a local ( Somerset) hip-hop band. A bit like GLC meets Who’s Afear’d. They were on after us at Glastonbury and truly were a highlight of my weekend. Without wanting to get all sickly-hero-worship on your ass, I’m also enjoying the podcasts from your good self & a lot of old time banjo stuff, mainly to listen to the licks for ideas. Another nod goes in the direction of Punk-steppers NOVA.

(ed – I’ve used some Who’s Afear’d here because I couldn’t find any decent Inbredz or Nova clips, and also because the late lamented Who’s Afear’d encapsulate a lot of what Endorse It! and, I guess, Flounder himself, are about. Drinking, mainly.. )

What, if push comes to shove, is your all-time favourite album?

Probably Stomping at The Klub Foot vol 1, which was one of the records that started the whole thing off for me, alongside various Meteors, King Kurt & Guana Batz stuff.

Other nods have to goto Wish you were here by Pink Floyd & Go Wild by Culture Shock. Incidentally, Paul from Culture Shock is writing new material and using Morph’s ( my wife) vocals.

What was the first record you ever bought? And where did you buy it?

Album was Out of the blue by ELO ( from WH Smiths in Chester)  cos I liked the cover – I was about 9 yrs old and like any 9 yr old boy loved all things spaceship. That cover wanged my imagination all over the place and I used to spend hours looking at it and imagining adventures that could be had. I think I even had a bash at making it out of Lego. Pity that the actual album was so bland.

First single was Some Girls will by Racey, from Smiths again. I liked the rock n roll 50’s  groove and as The Fonz was the coolest thing I’d been exposed to it sort of fitted in to my perspective of the world. I think it was latterly used in target practice.

Which musician, other than yourself, have you ever wanted to be?

I came to the whole thing a bit late really, after a brief spell DJing ( had another baby, so they had to go) and then trying to learn the guitar ( too many strings) – the banjo just fits in nicely  I don’t really do heroes and all that, so there’s no-one that actually stands out.

I admire anyone who can play no matter what the instrument – it’s a huge amount of practice & commitment . You do have to be able to perform though, if doing it live. People have come along to be entertained, so that is the least that they deserve. I’ve seen some technically brilliant bands, but last only 10 mins due to boredom and lack of engagement. Cranmore, Boot Hill’s Drummer, (and King Of Dorset – ed.) has a nice little ditty that we say before each show – goes along the lines of “grabbing the audience by the bollocks and fu….do unmentionable things do them” – it’s not really printable, but it does serve as a reminder to do your best.  I enjoy good front men/women –there’s some corkers around at the minute.

Sorry, that was a long winded way of not answering the question.

What do you sing in the shower?

Could be anything from Gilbert & Sullivan to the lyrics of a new Boot Hill song that I need to learn

What is your favourite Saturday night record?

There’s so many and it’d be depending on what the night had in store – I’m quite liking Babyhead and Los Albertos at the mo

And your Sunday morning record?

As above  – something pumping  – The Prodigy‘s Thunder maybe. Or some laid back ska – a lot of it would be dependant on what the previous evening’s antics had been about.


Thanks, Flounder. You’re a fucking diamond.

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