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With Goth On My Side
September 22, 2010, 6:39 pm
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this will doubtless cause a flurry of irritation (coupled with stern denials of any secret goth past, nosirree) across the blogosphere for a while.

The Fact Magazine Top 20 Goth Records.

First thought – no Alien Sex Fiend? Pfft. And Rudimentary Peni were never a goth band. And if some of that stuff is being included, where then are the Cramps, who had major goth crossover appeal.

None More Goth

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Agree with you on the omission of ASF; very poor… You can see why he might have avoided The Mission even if all the other bands were (or could be) liked by non Goths while only Goths would get even close to admitting they liked Hussey and ilk… Good to see Dead Can Dance in there, thought maybe The Cocteau Twins might have got in under the wire, if just to cover the glacial side of Goth… Says some faintly off stuff re: Bauhaus as well – a relatively strong set of singles, I’d say and exemplified but hardly crushed by Bela and Dark Entries – they didn’t leap from there to Bowie covers…

Also agree on The Cramps – hard to find a wiry goth body without a Cramps t-shirt back in the day and those that didn’t had an Off The Bone poster…

Comment by Loki

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