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September 9, 2010, 7:53 pm
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Some odds and ends of news / info I picked up on my travels:

  • With Cranmore “The King Of Dorset” Lydd now in 17 bands all at once, the rest of the sadly defunkt Who’s Afear’d have transformed themselves into The Skimmity Hitchers. I’ve yet to hear them, but I suspect they’ll be a perfect example of what can be achieved with a dread combination of 10 pints of Thatchers and a Johnny Cash compilation. This is a compliment.

  • The whole, glorious, ridiculous scene, sweeping the south west like a particularly unpleasant agricultural blight and taking Endorse It! as its spiritual home, is “celebrated” at the Scrumpy & Western site.
  • Meanwhile, Dave “Wolfie” Ives, longtime People’s Republic of Disco webmonkey / vinyl cloakroom attendant, has managed to combine music and gadgetry into one handy toolbox and now trades as Red Tin Tunes. Available now for festivals, club nights and dog shows. Here’s the tin – looks like some sort of voodoo to me.

  • Steven from The Broken Family Band has a new band, The Singing Adams. They’re great and they’re here.

  • Slim Cessna’s Auto Club continue to be my new favourite band (even though they’ve been around for ages. They’re here and in a burst of flagrant favouritism, they get a video too:
  • Rob Young’s book Electric Eden, which in crude terms is about the history of folk and its offshoots in England in the last century or so (but is actually about so much more), is wonderful – erudite, engaging, vivid. It almost (ALMOST) made me want to reconsider my position on Nick Drake (whiny, self-pitying posh boy fails to become successful by releasing several albums of whimsy, watery toss and tops himself in a hissy fit).

You can buy it here. For HALF what I paid for it in a lovely independent bookstore in Hexham. I’m all for supporting small businesses, but I’m also on benefits, fucksake.

  • Bit late with this, but Charlie Brooker’s piece on the Ground Zero (except it’s not) mosque (except it’s not) was absolutely brilliant, and makes you wonder how the hell a self-confessed computer games nerd turned web satirist turned into one of our most essential columnists. We love you, Charlie.
  • Finally, fuck the Pope. Seriously. Fuck him. Lock him up and fuck him.Anything. Just don’t spend money out of my pocket wheeling the fucker around the country spreading superstition, hate and lies.

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I wrote a dancehall song called kill pope, you should hear it, it’s fucking crap.

Comment by EoD

oops, forgot the link. http://www.myspace.com/badmanisbad

Comment by EoD

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