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September 9, 2010, 8:24 pm
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A quick (mixed on the fly) selection before I settle into a long day of bureaucracy and bullshit. This one’s all about the chug, the motorik, the forward motion.

Two connections birthed it – realising how much ZZ Top‘s La Grange owed to Slim Harpo‘s Boogie Chillen (obvious) and that Stephen Stapleton had totally ripped off / “paid homage to” Ray Anthony‘s Walking To Mothers for Nurse With Wound‘s Cruising For A Bruising (less obvious).

Also relevant is a blog comment from somewhere or other that “Stereolab are Hawkwind for girls” or similar (thanks to Comrade Snoddy for that one).

So, 15 tracks that chug (a-lug).

Stagger Lee’s Chug-A-Lug Mix (70 minutes, 128mb)

(zip file contains artwork / tracklisting)

1. Roger Miller – chug-a-lug
2. Melody Aces – asaw fofor
3. Slim Harpo – boogie chillun
4. ZZ Top – la grange
5. Hawkwind – master of the universe
6. Loop – vapour
7. Neu – hallgallo
8. Faust – it’s a rainy day, sunshine girl
9. Stereolab – french disko (7” version)
10. Prolapse – slash oblique
11. Gold Chains – rock tha parti
12. Boredoms – 7 (eye remix)
13. The B-52s – planet claire
14. Ray Anthony – walking to mothers
15. Nurse With Wound – cruising for a bruising

(and yeh, I know both Hallogallo and French Disko are totally predictable inclusions but that’s because they’re perfect iterations of the Chug Form. At least I didn’t mix them together).

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mix dunt bloody work! says file is corrupted. you’re fucking rubbish ;p

Comment by sojourner

works when I test it 😦

Comment by stagger lee

yeh works for me now n all

dunno what was goin on there

Comment by sojourner

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