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Hit The North
September 7, 2010, 5:09 pm
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well, I’m here. The wilds of Northumberland. I’ve already seen a bat.

The August roadtrip was fantastic. As I said on Facecrack:

(We’re home) after 1250 miles, 7 counties, 3 festivals, 8 DJ slots, 2 campsites, 5 friends’ houses, 1400 pints of scrumpy and one spider farm. Thanks to everyone who put us up, put up with us, got us drunk, fed us healthy things and weird things, etc etc etc. What a fucking cracking month… The north east is alright, but it’s no south west… 😉

A Very Windy Day On Ynyslas Beach

There’s already been some coverage of Randy & Earl’s weekend at Endorse It! In Dorset, here and here. I’ll post some stuff about the other festivals – Vintage and Beautiful Days – when I can.

I’m also reinventing myself a little for the north-east – a new DJ name and a new logo, all the details here.

Got a lot to do now – apply for work, sort out benefits, get on an OU degree course – but over the next couple of days I’ll update the blog and then start adding new stuff (including phase two of the All Back To My Place posts). I’ve added a twitter feed in the corner up there, right now it looks really ugly, I need to work out how to customise it. But contained in the wall of text are daily links to tunes I’ve chosen as my Tune of the Day thingy on Facebook and twitter, help yourselves, I’d like to think there’s some real gems in there.

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Love the pic! 😀

Comment by The Reverend M

alright chuck – am not on facefuck, and now bored to fucking death of urban, but heard about your move and glad it’s gone ok. looks beautiful. g’luck with it all.

anyhow, get some bleedin’ mixes up eh? 😉

oh, and rather liking the new DJ name 😀

Comment by sojourner

ello you! good to hear from you… you never know, now we’re this end of the country, we might run into you…

got 3 mixes ready to load, i’ll get them up soon x

Comment by stagger lee

howdy again 😀

yeh – would be ace to ‘run into you’ – but erm, north east ain’t no north west. still a fuck of a long way away ;p

hey – that means you’re closer to Solfest though, and if it’s good enough for Alabama 3, it’s good enough for you! I might be in crew camping next year anyhow – and am saying no more for now 😀

nice one on the mixes – i’ll look forward to hearing them. still think the sunday morning mix is one of the most perfect things to listen to on a sunday morning 🙂

Comment by sojourner

nice handbag Brandy, run off with yer dancing girl, that’s fine – I’m liking the extra room around the trailer not to mention I can find beer in the fridge now.

Comment by Earl

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