Speakers Push Air

July 2, 2010, 1:14 pm
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From my most recent hospital letter:

“his lateral tibial plateau is grossly damaged and he is experiencing pain after walking for 15-20 minutes. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to change because of permanent damage to articular surface”.

Welcome to the rest of my fucking life.

Randy & Earl Keep On Truckin’
July 2, 2010, 9:45 am
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Like I said below, this blog is on hiatus till the summer’s over, but the Randy & Earl blog is still in full effect, mostly due to the efforts of Earl Hickey / Jared / Comrade Ouchmonkey (this multiple identity shit gets really wearing, doesn’t it?). I’ll also be sticking¬† a few things up there from time to time – it’s definitely a Randy & Earl kinda summer…

Why I Probably Won’t Get Round To Telling You What I’m Doing This Summer
July 1, 2010, 11:28 am
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All the best DJs are PROD DJs

(while i remember, before all this nonsense below: the All Back To My Place feature, which I still have lots of outstanding entries for, will be back in September – see below for reasons).

So, yeh. Not much blogging lately. And that’s not likely to change for a while. One of those occasional hiatuses (is that a word?) that used to end up with me abandoning the blog completely and starting a new one (“… and you will know me by my trail of blogs”). But I promise that won’t happen.

So why the hiatus? Things have just been oppressively complicated, I’ve been feeling beleaguered, that sort of thing. At the end of this month, myself and Miss Pie will be packing up all our belongings (the stock of a fairly large suburban book and record shop, roughly) and moving to the wilds of Northumberland. A little village 15 or so miles west of Newcastle, on a hill overlooking the Tyne Valley. After 20+ years in London, it’s going to be something of a headfuck for me (less so for Miss Pie, who’s going home in every sense…) and a lot of my time lately has been spent fretting about what this move entails for me – socially, financially, in terms of whatever progress my life is supposed to be making. It’ll be a good thing, I’m pretty sure, but it’s a scary prospect. 80% of my social world – which is a bit part of my life – is in London, the rest nowhere near the north east. Meanwhile, my family is on the south coast, as are my oldest friends.

So I’ll be: learning to drive (quickly – public transport from the Toon to the village is patchy and finishes early); finishing my long drawn out degree at the OU; doing a TEFL course; finding some work – part time at first, I think (my leg still isn’t too great, and I haven’t worked in about 18 months now). That sort of thing. And blogging, I think. A lot of blogging. Time is the one thing I’ll have a lot of, I suspect, and I’ll be too far away from the casual temptations of the quick pint and the small night out that turns into the big night out. But I do need to work my way into whatever Newcastle has to offer – this record collection needs to get SOME use while I’m up there.

Anyway, yeh – big tings a gwan.

Before that, after we’ve moved all our stuff, is around a month on the road. We had to sell the ambulance but we have a big ole estate car, a big ole bell tent, all the camping porn you could need and 3 festivals to go to in August – Endorse It, where we’ll be doing the usual Randy & Earl tent every night; Vintage, where Miss Pie is dancing and I, for once, am merely a guest; and Beautiful Days, where I’ll be loving the site, hating the bands and spinning tunes in the backstage bar, hopefully in the sunshine. Gaps between the festivals will be spent camping along the south coast – who knows when I’ll get back down there again? (We’ve also got Secret Garden Party later this month and my scorched skin and aching leg is testimony to me having just got back from Glastonbury: it was hot, it was hard on my leg, it was busy, but it was still great.

As for why there’s been so little blogging of late, aside from the sheer headfuckerry of the impending move, there’s been the usual crap: my leg took a turn for the worst and I ended up back in Kings College Hospital having infected lumps of bone removed (something that was, by comparison with 2009’s “summer of surgery”, no big deal, really). I’ve been preoccupied by money worries. I’ve been continuing to sell the excess baggage of my CD collection (and boosting my big box of 7″s as I go).¬† I’ve been trying, and just about succeeding, in making a movie to use as a visual boost for our tent at Endorse It: hours spent hunched over an underpowered, underequipped laptop trying to edit together all the good bits from Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, Hairspray, old Muppet shows and Busby Berkeley movies. That sort of thing. Quite a lot of DJing too – managed to secure slots at some really special gigs – Austin Lucas, Frontier Ruckus, Morton Valence, a sort-of Rockingbirds. All with the August 1st move looming. I have a WHOLE heap of socialising to do before we leave too, lots of final drinks.. Who knows when I’ll be back?

So, busy as hell, but not much blogging. Come September when we’re settled in the Tyne Valley I suspect that’ll change. Until then, have a great summer.

Just for the hell of it, I’ve been listening to:

Frontier Ruckus, Salem, The State Street Swingers, Louis Armstrong’s gospel albums, lot of Optimo mixes, the new LCD Soundsystem album, First Aid Kit, Roger Miller, Demdike Stare, Drive By Truckers, Dr John, Mariachi El Bronx, Richard Hawley, Southern Culture On The Skids, Austin Lucas, Crystal Castles, Johnny Clarke, Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers, Phosphorescence, Millie, Wynona Carr, Buck Owens, Hank Thompson, Eli Paperboy Reed, The Dumbettes, Lee Dorsey and Leatherface.

London Underground @ Glastonbury 2010