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Won’t Bow! Don’t Know How
April 13, 2010, 4:38 pm
Filed under: Television

Managed to get hold of a copy of the first episode of Tremé. Made by much of the team behind the Wire, it’s looking at post-Katrina New Orleans and eschewing David Simon’s usual criminal milieu in favour of the music scene in the Tremé district of the city, starting 3 months after the devastation.

It crams a lot into its pilot episode, and there are flaws: there’s an appallingly caricatured Brit TV reporter, an awkward Elvis Costello cameo and John Goodman as a local activist is pretty much there to provide impassioned exposition at the moment, although this does fill in the backstory pretty effectively. But the characters are looking good for the most part (especially, as ever, Wendell Pierce who was Bunk in The Wire). The music – both filmed and on the soundtrack – is flawless: Kermit Ruffins, Dr John, Professor Longhair et al in the first episode. And as an insight into a city I’m a bit obsessed with without every having been, it’s fascinating. The whole Mardi Gras Indian scene has been featured already and will play a bigger part apparently, as will corruption and the federal response to the disaster (which will presumably see things move back towards David Simon’s usual stomping grounds of corruption etc).

So, very promising start.

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