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41st Best Stand-Up AND…
January 4, 2010, 7:56 pm
Filed under: Miscellaneous

‘Nuff respect to Stewart Lee, who I just saw mumble his way to victory in Celebrity Mastermind.

Looking more embarrassed than I’ve ever seen him, his slightly wobbly general knowledge* was more than compensated for by a devastating 17 (and no passes) in his round on Derek Bailey.

Nicely done…

(* IE, I got more than him)

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Thanks to SL’s appearance on Mastermind, I found myself looking at Derek Bailey’s wikipedia entry, which led to Gavin Bryars, which means I’m now listening to ‘Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet’ on spotify.

I’ll add that to the large and growing list of music I can thank Stewart Lee for indirectly introducing me to.

Comment by Moses Humberstone

Bryars – great. Bailey – hmm.. I don’t “get” improv, I guess

Comment by dubversion

After reading the wiki, I didn’t feel compelled to hunt down much. In fact, I was initially interested in finding out which area of Sheffield he was from, and whether he was related to Roy Bailey.

Comment by Moses Humberstone

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