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December 26, 2009, 8:06 pm
Filed under: 7"s, Miscellaneous

Since I’m making good progress in shifting the “non-DJ” half of my CD collection, it would be daft to buy any more. But the need to own stuff (and put at least some money back into the industry) means I want to get something. So 2010 is the year the 7″ dominates round my house.

They’ve always been the finest format anyway, for all the obvious reasons, and I love getting a little pack of 4 or 5 singles through the post for the cost of a CD or two. So aside from the stuff I buy for playing out, all the rest is going to be on this format and nothing else (unless Boredoms release something very, very essential…). Can’t wait to start – in fact there’s a new Los Campesinos single with my name on it…

NB: By the way, if anyone can recommend good online sources of 7″s I’d be grateful. Reggae’s easy, but beyond that I’m kinda stuck at Sounds of The Universe and Rough Trade. Any tips appreciated.

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