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The 2009 Top 20 Albums Of The Year #14
December 17, 2009, 12:26 pm
Filed under: 2009 Top 20

I think Art Brut had made both previous End Of Year round-ups, which makes sense because they’re consistently in the best two or three UK indie bands (not that I listen to many UK indie bands any more).

Number 14: Art Brut – Art Brut Vs Satan

Eddie Argos (good Parkstone boy that he is) has really flourished of late: as well as his Glam Chops (…”Top of the Pops”) outfit, he’s now also got Everybody Was In The French Resistance… Now (who seem to largely record answer records, such as the recent single done in the persona of Jimmy Mack, who’s heard the track and definitely isn’t coming back). But Art Brut is still his greatest creation and Vs Satan is definitely  up to par. Produced by Charles Black Francis Frank Kitteridge Eno Jr (or whatever he’s called this week), the album is noticeably rougher and tougher sounding, but still strong on melodies and brilliantly wry and personal lyrics.

Eddie Argos is a proper popstar who’s still being denied his appearance on Top of the Pops.

As the man said…

Record buying public! we hate them!
This is Art Brut vs. Satan
Don’t worry! we can take ’em!

Art Brut – Demons Out!
(Vs Satan, Cooking Vinyl)

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