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May 7, 2009, 10:51 am
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(NB: i messed up the link earlier, but  it’s all working now)


As some of you may know, I’ve not been well. The short version:

Take PROD to Wales. Fall off ladder, 8ft onto kneecap. Nearly lose leg (google “compartment syndrome”). Languish in Bronglais Hospital in Aberystwyth for 3 weeks till I get a transfer to Kings College in South London. Where they do this to me:


Since then, I’ve been back in with infections, and I’m on a daily diet of circa 25 pills (mmm.. opiates). Can’t walk, need crutches / wheelchair to get around. Likely to be like this for a few months yet, thus screwing my summer. In addition to which, I got made redundant whilst in hospital.

So, erm… bugger.

Anyway, that’s why I’ve not been blogging. But I’m cutting my meds dosage, and starting to see through the haze, so I’m back. I’m sure I’ve got lots to bore you with (especially how the whole drone / hauntology thing – Caretaker, Fennesz,  The Fun Years, Ghostbox – is a perfect fit for liquid morphine) but for now here’s about the most arbitrary mix I’ve ever made, basically a handy primer on some of the stuff that’s got me through a crappy few months.

(click the pic to get the mix)

The Shitborg Mix

1. Salem – Snakes

(know nothing about this lot except they make whoozy distorted noises which tickled my synapses)

2. Super Chron Flight Brothers – Broccoli

(my favourite indie hip hop outfit have offered up a free, dubstep soaked new album from which I think this is the stand-out track)

3. La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream Remix)

(aren’t I the trendy one?)

4. Terry Lynn – Kingstonlogic

(feisty and abrasive and enough to make a crippled man wish he could dance)

5. King Tubby – Great Stone

(as with the hauntology stuff, dub suits meds – I’ve been listening to more lately than any point since I stopped being a stoner. And it doesn’t come much better than this)

6. Bad Manners – Walking In Sunshine

(Yeh, I know… But this is actually REALLY good).

7. Kid606 – Mr Wobble’s Nightmare

(perennial brat 606 duffs  up 4Hero and wins, mainly through use of the word ‘wobble’.)

8. Boredoms – Ant 10 Remix (Lindstromm)

(handsome cosmic disco bloke does weird things to Boredoms and comes up with something amazing and otherworldly even by Boredoms standards)

9. Dangerdoom – The Mask

(I’m a recent convert to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force-themed Mouse & The Mask album, but it’s ace, like this)

10. Titus Andronicus – Titus Andronicus

(they’re like, cool, or something, and I suspect I’d try and trip one of them over in a bar, but this is enjoyably bratty)

11. Joe Gideon & The Shark – Civilisation

(Andy Weatherall announced that this was good on a recent radio show, and who am I to argue?)

12. The Horrors – Sea Within The Sea

(yes, you can add me to the swelling ranks of people going “eh? The HORRORS?”. This is brilliant, and so’s the album).

13. Das Damen – Noon Daylight

(a long-l0st old grunge / psych fave that isn’t lost any more).

14. The Chatham Singers – Queen Bee

(Childish’s raw blues side project sex up the Slim Harpo classic).

15. Alice Cooper  – Under My  Wheels

(just cos it rocks).

16. Little Richard – Soul Train

(somewhere in his besequinned journey from gospel to rock’n’roll to soul back to gospel and around we go again, the soul period gets ignored. Which is silly. Just LISTEN to this… )

17. Eddi Bo – Check Your Pocket

(died while I was in hospital, one of the funkiest people ever, and full of advice re: bucket maintenance)

18. Moondog – Lament No 1

(listened to lots of Moondog lately, mostly the more experimental Westward Ho!, but I thought I’d include this track to remind people once again what a talentless no-mark Mr Scruff really is).

19. Friends Of Dean Martinez – All The Pretty Horses

(Calexico-related country lounge outfit do supper club version of over-covered folk classic. And it works…)

20. April March  – Stay Away From Robert Mitchum

(she’s right, you know)

21. Les Paul & Mary Ford – Vaya Con Dios

(like all the Les and Mary duets, just pure sugar for the soul)

22. Festival – Fair & True

(everything about this namby pamby, over-mannered, over-annunciated, po-faced pair of tie-dyed bitches makes me want to kill them in the face.  But every time I was in real pain in  my bed back there in Aber, I’d put this on and  it somehow felt better. The bastards).