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Excuses, Excuses..
April 20, 2008, 10:29 pm
Filed under: Miscellaneous

so I’ve been busy – college work, work work, drinking.

Also, bought one of these:

Which is the best gadget ever- plugs into my amp and streams all my mp3s (and seemingly infinite internet radio stations and podcasts) from anywhere in the house.
However, it runs on mp3 tags so I’ve spent a VERY long time sorting them out. It’s dull and it’s annoying and it’s stopped me blogging.

However- in the pipeline:

Be Uplifted!!! By a selection of recent kinda country-gospel tunes
Be Disgusted!!! By a really really nasty arsequake / pigfuck ‘greatest hits’ mix
Be Utterly Depressed!!! By a mix of some of the more depressing country tunes I could find

And there’s more…..