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January 16, 2008, 4:08 pm
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Mount Vernon Arts Lab was one of those acts I knew by name, and little else. I seem to have boxed him (for it’s one Drew Mulholland) off with the likes of Flying Saucer Attack and Seefeel, for some reason, and somehow I managed never to hear a note. However, a piece in the latest issue of the ever-more-essential Plan B magazine about last year’s Ghost Box reissue of Seance At Hobs Lane compelled me to investigate further – talk of of Quatermass, psychogeography, weird whirring analogue machines and Coil drew me right in. So I downloaded the album, and ordered the CD that same day (a resounding counterblast to copyright fascists and industry doom-mongers, I’m sure you’ll agree).

It’s excellent: a handful of tracks that are – or veer close to being – actual songs are outnumbered by some genuinely disturbing but really engaging atmospheric pieces. London looms large, in the track titles (Sir Keith At Lambeth, While London Sleeps, The Vauxhall Labyrinth) but also in the general feel of the album. The references to Quatermass in the review certainly hold – the sounds really conjure alien goings-on in abandoned tube stations and the like. The Coil comparison is fair (and indeed, Coil remixed the track I’m posting; Barry from Add N To X remixed another) but Nurse With Wound is probably more apposite. It’s good hear that, as well as publishing a book on psychogeography, Mulholland has unearthed some collaborations with Coil thought lost, and is planning to make music again (having sold all his gear when World Serpent Distribution went down a few years ago, leaving MVAL high and dry).

Because you’re sensitive little souls, I’m posting perhaps the most conventional track from the album, Hobgoblins (remixed, as already mentioned, by Coil) but it really is worth paying a proper visit to Hobs Lane.

Mount Vernon Arts Lab – Hobgoblins (Coil Remix)
from the Ghost Box reissue of Seance At Hobs Lane

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Hiya DV, been meaning to get in contact ever since rave or die at new x. basically spent the rest of the summer running my bouncy castle at festies and the winter dealing with insane shit and insane people(quite literally!). Anyways, my eternal mission to find the best 50’s rock n’ roll and r n’ b/soul/mod/etc original vinyl is still unearthing some total stunners and i thought you might be interested in drooling over them at some point. Let me know if you wanna do it at some point, yours El Jay

Comment by Eltham John

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