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This Is What Bad Days Need
January 14, 2008, 11:49 pm
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There’s no carefully constructed argument for this offering, no thematically linked trio of tunes that fit snugly together. I’m posting this one because (as an attempt to cheer myself up as I come to terms with the imminent flunking of two important exams), it just makes me fucking smile.

Misty’s Big Adventure are really, really ace. They’re probably open to all sorts of easy criticism: they’re ‘wacky’, they ‘sound a bit like the Cardiacs’, they’re a bit ‘school music project’, they’re ‘Brummies’. But fuck all that. They’re joyous and bouncy and yet full of melancholy and disappointment (joyous melancholy and bouncy disappointment, naturally). They’re like (and I hate doing this) a mixture of The Teardrop Explodes, Scott Walker, The Cardiacs (yeh, yeh – get over it), a ska band, an oompah band and some other stuff that my revision-addled brain can’t quite place.  They ‘give good show’, the mainman is wonderfully and implausibly named Grandmaster Gareth (and he does morose better than anyone), they’re not famous enough and they have the prettiest trumpet player since.. erm… Louis Armstrong.

So, then. This is off their best album, The Black Hole. It might not be their best album really, because I haven’t listened to the recent one enough yet, but it’s a bit better than the first one.

Jesus Christ, I need a drink.

Misty’s Big Adventure – Evil
from the album The Black Hole (Targo)

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