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December 28, 2007, 12:34 pm
Filed under: 2007 Top 20

OK, from one extreme of US punk to the other.

NoFX are gloriously dumb, scatological, drunken anarcho-fratboys and I adore them. When I started this chart, this album was much further down but in the last few weeks I’ve been hammering it on my mp3 player and it’s slowly crept higher and higher. Most NoFX songs (apart from the faux-jazz or dodgy reggae ones) sound pretty much identical – rarely have a band stuck so close to a formula (and for so long!). But they’re fun, they’re often angry and politically committed (this isn’t Chomsky or Crass, mind – it’s generally a little more rudimentary, but no less true or provocative for that). They seem to be drugfucked, beer-sodden pisstaking goons between songs and then almost without fail lurch into the next song and play the tightest ramalama West Coast punk…

Their second official live album, They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live is almost identical to their first (I Heard They Suck Live), but with different songs and worse jokes. Therefore, it’s a thing of wonder. Tough to pick a single song – it’s an album that definitely needs to be heard in full (if only because it kinda wears you down in the end.. ). But I’ve chosen You’re Wrong because it rocks and because it refers to Ann Coulter as a ‘cunting cunt’, which is blunt but undeniable.

NoFX – You’re Wrong (live)
from the album They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live (Fat Wreck Chords)

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