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December 10, 2007, 10:02 pm
Filed under: 2007 Top 20

Glad to say I came across Richard Hawley ages ago, around the time of his first solo album (the single ‘Coming Home’ was what first attracted me) which means I’ve had the pleasure of watching him grow steadily in popularity since then (unlike some artists that I want to keep close and secret, I want Hawley to be all over the British music scene like a rash).

I finally got to see him last year supporting Nick Cave at the Victoria Theatre, and while he couldn’t hope to have matched Cave that night (it was ostensibly an acoustic show but was more like a warm-up for Grinderman), he gave it his best shot.

Hawley’s new and lovely album Lady’s Bridge is probably the most MOR choice in this whole top 20, and I couldn’t care less. If MOR is distilling the best bits of rockabilly, Orbison, The Walker Brothers, Morrissey and the like into beautiful, deceptively simple songs, then so be it. He’s gotĀ  one of the best voices in the country – rich and deep and simultaneously reminiscent of all the old guys he clearly adores but also totally his own.

This track is simply great. That’s all.

Richard Hawley – Tonight, The Streets Are Ours
from the album Lady’s Bridge (Mute Records)

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Comment by Kirk Smeaton

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