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December 9, 2007, 12:52 pm
Filed under: 2007 Top 20

Here’s one I don’t really have any kind of context for. I have no idea whether Tinariwen are in a great tradition of African guitar music, completely apart from it, are a new paradigm or sound a great deal like somebody else.

All I know is that through the pretty widespread coverage they got (everywhere from Robert Plant interviews to Later.. to the music press), Tinariwen filtered through in a way most African music fails to (I have the odd album by more trad African artists, and some bits and pieces of Fela Kuti; and that, I’m afraid, is that). I got the breakthrough album Aman Iman (Water Is Life) and quite liked it, although probably didn’t give it the time it deserved. But it was when I saw them on a shitty Sunday at this year’s largely shitty Glastonbury – and only the last couple of tunes, at that, since the mud made everything take longer than you expected to get to – it all clicked into place. The album unfolded for me after that, and it’s been a constant companion for the last 6 months. Just stunning. I’m hoping next time I see them the sun is out and I don’t smell quite so bad.

Tinariwen – Toumast
from the album Aman Iman (Independiente)

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It’s an absolute classic. A thing of wonderment. They are touring UK just now. Hope you see and enjoy them.

Comment by markgorman

Only seen them once so far, briefly at Glastonbury, but very keen to see them again

Comment by dubversion

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