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The Speakers Push Air Top 20 Albums of 2007: #17
December 6, 2007, 10:09 pm
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“Back in the day it was Martin or Malcolm
Nowadays, it’s either Kanye West
Or that surly gentleman over there in the bullet-proof vest”.

There’s not much to say about some of the albums in this chart: the Justice album below is a good case in point. It’s simple and effective and fun, but it’s not something that needs explaining.

Some – and Emergency Powers by the Super Chron Flight Brothers is a prime example – I could talk about all day.

Hip hop is something I go through phases with: I gorge myself on it every now and then, then lose interest and come out the other side with a handful of new albums added to my favourites. The last time I got really excited was with the early days of the Wu Tang Clan. Then after wallowing in the various Wu offshoots, as well as Mobb Deep, Dead Prez, Jeru etc, I stopped bothering for a while. Later on, I immersed myself in a lot of that undie / backpacker business for a while too, hoovering up CloudDead and their various offshoots, and the Def Jux crew. But some of that – CloudDead especially – stopped being anything you could call hip hop anyway.

But on one of the message boards I frequent, there were a couple of people, Iam particularly <waves!> who lived and breathed this stuff. And recommended albums to me, and made me CDs. And of all the good stuff I got, the killer was this Super Chron Flight Brothers album It’s blown me away since I got it. In fact, listening to it again to write this entry, I realised it should actually be in my top 5, but I got all confused so it’s stopping at #17 for the purposes of this chart.

It’s one of the densest records I’ve ever heard: dense musically, dense lyrically, dense in terms of the references, allusions, quotes and nods. It’s not perfect – a couple of tracks move into that molasses-slow style that sounded amazing the first time I heard New Kingdom (now, THEY were cool – Butthole Surfers hip hop) but doesn’t do it for me so much now. But for the most part, it’s totally involving. It’s one of the most stoned records I’ve ever heard, and the first record I’ve heard in years that almost makes me wish I was still a stoner. But only almost – I mean, ugh…

In amongst all the stoner stuff, there’s politics, the war on terror, social commentary. All wrapped up in movie samples, some fantastic loops and riffs and a lot of dark humour. Cannibal Ox guests, which fits nicely with my cyclical hip hop appreciation.

Anyway, seems that the Brothers – Billy Woods and Priviledge (sic) – have realised that, faced with the state of the world and the US in particular right now, the only sensible response is to smoke yourself into oblivion

Super Chron Flight Brothers – Dirtweed
from the album Emergency Powers (Nature Sounds)

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Guess it’s time I turned up and abused you, haven’t you anything better to do? etc. Hmmm.
You come up six or seven on google which is pretty impressive – you’re beaten out by Pretty Girls Make Graves and Paul Frank Sunglasses – clearly the real reason behind the blogs name, come clean Mr Version.

Comment by fingers

I have heard good things about that but not yet got around to listening to it. Think I may give it a whirl later.

Comment by Dale

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