Speakers Push Air

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December 4, 2007, 2:23 am
Filed under: MP3

Look. I was bored. My old blog wasn’t getting updated and I still don’t have my own radio show.

So adding to the glut of mp3 blogs seemed to be the best way forward – to scratch the blogging itch and get to enthuse about music.

I’m sure at some point this blog will settle in a rhythm of some kind – a system to what I upload. For now, it’s going to be random.

Expect some mixes and the like as well as just single tracks.

And to start with, it would make sense to offer you the song that named the blog. It’s a single (7″ and everything) that I bought as soon as I heard it back in about 2001: a brilliant pop-hardcore record from Seattle. It’s a song about the rush you get from hearing a piece of music that really transports you, and this song does that.

I saw them live, and to be honest they were fairly uninspiring. I didn’t keep up with their other releases, even (in fact, checking some facts for this I’ve discovered they split this summer).

But Speakers Push Air still makes my arm hairs stand up.

Pretty Girls Make Graves – Speakers Push Air
available on the album Good Health (Lookout Records)

“Yeah, nothing else matters
When I turn it up loud”

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