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The Speakers Push Air Top 20 Albums of 2007: #20
December 4, 2007, 4:03 pm
Filed under: 2007 Top 20

Now that S.P.A. is almost as august a journal as The Wire, Mojo or Rolling Stone, I figured it was only fair that I got to run my own Top 20 albums of the year as the music media rolls into the navel-gazing part of the calendar.

So from now until Christmas Eve I’ll post a track from each of my top 20 albums. To make the list even vaguely manageable, I’ve mostly omitted compilations, reissues and the like. Mostly…

So, anyway, at number 20 and with me wondering how the hell it took me so long to hear it, is  the second album from Holy Fuck.

It’s a blast.  Much has been made of their unorthodox, ‘anti-musical’ approach to making music (dispensing with laptops in favour of film equipment and the like) but I don’t much care how it’s done, I’m just happy that it is. Holy Fuck make a glorious racket that seems to touch on motorik / krautrock, hints of techno and breaks and fucked up electronica, the kind of chuggy post-rock Trans Am used to excel at and even, somehow, Icebreaker International.  But the album never sounds po-faced and it always sounds like they had the most fun making it.

At risk of being predictable, the track I’m posting is the current single, just because it soars and it’s most likely to get people to check out the rest of the excellent album. One of the only tracks this year that has actually made me punch the air with excitement.

Holy Fuck – Lovely Allen
available on the album LP (Young Turks)

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